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When A Church Sends You Running for Cover

  When A Church Sends You Running for Cover Many people who are raised in the Church, end up wandering astray. We are filled with the stories we don’t understand. Threatened with hell and damnation for our unavoidable sin, why would anyone want to stay for that. We go to church to please our parents, fighting to keep our eyes open, and our minds shut. With all the pretentious and better-than-though mockery, we turn up noses on our appearances. No longer does it only matter that you are there, it also matters what you wear. Your mind wanders on this man, they call Christ, if he loved the least of these, why not these that follow him. Starting to question the need for the Church, where is this faith when the world is full of pain and hurt. Just as many do, I began to make excuses. Whether I stayed out late, or just didn’t feel like going. I would rather sleep in than go to Church. Beginning to think that all these scriptures were meant for the real sinners, not me. I quit, quit going to church, quit praying, quit believing. The world was my oyster, I had my Sunday mornings free. I woke up to headaches and hangovers and not preachers or Bible thumper. My life was mine to live, no one was going to tell me what I could or could not do. The new-found freedom was the beginning of my fall. I wrecked myself into my apocalypse of spirit where no Church could reach. Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted […]

7 Ways of Being a Christian Leader

Christians are thought of as followers not leaders that many times hide in the shadows. Today there seems to be a great deal of focus on leadership and  Christianity. Preachers like  Derwin Gray, Andy Stanley and even the great Billy Graham they all have a similar message.  Regardless whether they are preaching from the pulpit or at a conference, they all focus on the need for leaders. The church and Christianity as a whole are under attack and needs leaders to step up and fight.  There is a problem though even though we as Christians are natural leaders, many would rather sit in the pews praying for change.  We can no longer stand by and let our faith be silenced. You were made for more than this, you were born to be a  leader and here is how I know. 1.) Jesus led his Disciples who in turn led the Church – We were destined to lead as followers of Christ it is our birthright.  Priests and Preachers cannot do this alone they want and need the support of the Church.  Everyone remembers the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) that we wore on our bracelets and clothes.. now it is time to answered that question. 2.) We are the Hands and Feet : In order to spread the gospel and be the Christians we claim to be we must be the hands and feet of the Church.  By being the hands and feet we lead other to Christ through our daily words and actions. 3.) Advisers […]

Ways in Becoming an Authentic Christian Man

Ways in Becoming an Authentic Christian Man in today’s world. Becoming an Authentic Christian man and walking the path of righteousness with morals and values has become a long journey for many Christians to walk. There has been a great deal of discussion lately regarding the role of the Authentic Christian male in the family as well as the workplace.  We as men have persona, sometimes which turns to ego  to uphold when it comes to being a man.  There are many days spent in an internal battle between being a Christian and maintaining this perception  of being the guys guy that most of our friends are used to. We would like to think that our values and morals would easily stand out  the test of time.  As men we are bombarded daily by people and things that do not respect the walk we are on and try to derail us every step of the way. We are asked to do things in both the business world and within our own  relationships that force us to make unpopular decisions as Christians. As Christian men we walk a walk that many times ends up different from our coworkers,  friends and sometimes even family. We tend to have a more defined view of the world,  not one with blinders or tunnel vision as many think,  just one with a few less shades of grey.  Our sense of right and wrong comes across as a moral high road to others, yet  to us it is just a common path. Disappointments […]