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2015 Reader Survey Results as Provided by You

Let me just start out by saying, my readers are incredible. I am truly blown away and humbled by the responses to my annual reader survey. The survey results are in and I would like to share some of the thoughts with you. Those of you that took the time to answer know what was up for grabs, the prize package and the winner of the prize package will be announced later in this post. Before we get to all that excitement, let me share some of the awesome things you guys and gals said that will help me mold the 2016 blogging year. For time and well consideration for you, my readers I will be providing only some of the comments as well as some interesting statistics. So here we go, for the 2015 Reader Survey Results as provided by you. What is the gender of my readers? This was a close one Female 52.63% Male 47.37 How often do you visit SecondIron’s Blog? Every time I receive the email from subscription -23.08% Whenever I get around to it -10.26% Every once in a while but not regularly – 41.03% This is my first time just to join the contest -17.95% Only when a topic is of interest -7.69% What would you like to see changed in 2016 for SecondIron’s Blog? Leadership posts for a slightly younger audience. Content geared toward men. Catholic perspective on things. More personality. More faith-filled, God inspired prayers that have been answered. Something you could do without? Less super-Catholic posts […]

The Next Big Thing is Here

So I am sure you have heard by now about the ‘Next Big Thing’ that was coming to stores near you this month.

I decided to bite and look into the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with my phone carrier T-Mobile. The phone officially hits their shelves today. I like many people did not wait and ran to the nearest store last weekend to pre-order mine. I have now had mine in my hands for a couple of days now. All I can really say is, I am glad I did not wait!

Keeping in mind that I upgraded using the JUMP program with T-Mobile, moving from the Galaxy S3 to the S6 Edge was a leap. Now I will say that the appearance of the G6 Edge is like night and day in comparison. It is sleek and responsive, and although the phone is bigger it does not feel bulky. One beautiful feature that made the transfer virtually flawless was using the Samsung Smart Switch App. By turning the NFC on for both phones and tapping the backs together they synced and transferred the files from my S3 to the S6 via Bluetooth flawlessly.

Obviously comparisons will vary depending on what kind of phone you currently have. However I did show it to an apple iPhone user and his first response was ‘Oh wow’. Also showed it to a couple of other people who have different makes and they too were keenly interested. I will say personally the fast responsive interface and the capability

A Dog Toy Worth Its Bite (Review)

For dog owners, more specifically for large dog owners, a good dog toy is hard to find. There is an ongoing challenge in finding a dog toy tough enough toy for your dog to play with. Many companies tout that their toys are ‘indestructible’ or ‘heavy duty’. Some even provide a ‘limited’ lifetime warranty. Anyone that has owns a bigger dog knows that well most just are biting off more than they can chew. I have had and currently have a strong chewer. Meaning no little stuffed toys with squeakers or tennis balls will do. The only toys she is allowed to play with, used to be the black KONG Extreme Dog Toy. Then she figured out how to destroy those too. We have spent hundreds of dollars in toys only for them to get thrown out in days. We have a box (a large box) of toys that our non chewer can play with. And we have others like hard plastic toys and tires that I am not sure what the maker was thinking. If our chewer does not destroy the toys, she will bust her gums up trying. One day we were at their weekly puppy playtime at Happy Hound Dog Resort. I noticed that our chewer was going to town on this bright-colored ball. She spent several minutes trying to destroy it to no avail. I spoke with the owner of Happy Hound to find out what kind of toy it was. He gave me the info and I ordered some on […]