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11 Leadership Lessons Learned From Dogs

Everyone knows that dogs are our best friends right.  How about dogs being some of the best mentors on Leadership Lessons as well. Here are a few ways that we can learn how to be a better leader from that same dog that licks themselves in public. Meet everyone at the door – dogs love to run to the door and get excited no matter who is at the door.  Hopefully your dog has manners and does not lose its mind when there is a knock at the door as mine does.  As leaders we need to meet people, don’t hide behind a desk all the time with a secretary or team member on guard.  Customer service is key component no matter what business or industry you are in. Lead From Behind – anyone that has a dog know that before they are going to get out in front of you well they have to check the rear.  Nothing says you are part of a pack than a nose up your butt nudging you along.  As a leader we need to push more and pull less, we cannot drag our team to success nearly as well as we can encourage them to succeed.

How Much is the Puppy in the Window

Your kids tug at your sleeve and beg you ‘please, please’.  You take me home and give me my own bed to sleep in oh boy!  We play chase around the house and a game of fetch out in the front yard.  You pet me and rub my belly and tell me how much you love me. As the days go by the games grow shorter that we play, you tell me you are tired and ‘won’t I just go away!’