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When We Turn Up the Volume in Our Lives

Sometimes we must slow down to listen, other times we must turn up the volume to hear. Lately I have been gently reminded that there is a plan for me. These reminders have come in many shapes, sizes and voices. Ever since I was told a few months ago to press into the Lord he has fervently been chasing me to get my attention. Whether it was listening to others share their stories in the hills near music city. Or maybe it was the beautiful sounds in the mountains of Haiti. Perhaps it was when I got the attention of the pastor during his sermon while visiting a church down south. Maybe it was when my own priest asked me to lead in ways that are uncomfortable. Or was it the time I spoke with someone whom my writing ministered to. Maybe it was when I watched a movie that brought me to tears (yes guys we do it too). When you press into Him, no matter the noise you will hear His voice. Click To Tweet Each moment that I have experienced lately were not my chance. He has been molding me slowly to do more. I am not sure what any of this will lead to, all I know is that it was not by accident but by design that these words have been written at the time that they have. Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. ~ Jeremiah 33:3 We are […]

When A New Season Begins in Life New Giants Arise.

A new chapter or season begins in your life new giants arise. We must gather up all our own smooth stones and sling and ready for battle. Over the last several months, scratch that probably the last couple of years I have started focusing on what is important in my life. Rather than being driven by my career and working crazy hours I have started to slow down. Instead of sitting on the couch or in front of the computer I began working out. I began to listen more and to ask for less. Started to have conversations that mattered rather than just to fill the empty air. In doing all this my heart began to change, I wanted more out of my life. The more being that I wanted to give more than I received. I slowly evolved from the callous person everyone knew me to be. Revealing the heart buried deep inside hidden for so many years. Like young David I picked up my sling while others stood by and finally began to slay the giants that ran my life. As many know one of those giants was the fear of finishing school. I know that sounds odd but for someone who rarely finished anything (just look at my honey-to-do list and all the unfinished projects), finishing a goal was not normal for me. I had heard all my life whether in real life voices or the ones that lived in my head that I would not amount to much and for years […]

Fear is one Mean Son of a …

Many people talk about fighting their fears, yet they invite it into their lives like they are best friends. Personally, I have talked a good game when it comes to fear. I mean come on… when I fell and hurt myself mountain climbing, I went right back and climbed a bigger mountain the next year. When I was learning to ride a bike, I never gave up nor would I use training wheels. Bruised and broken fear would not get the best of me. As a kid I used to stand up to any challenge (not the brightest move at times). Whether it meant jumping off rooftops, surfing on top of cars, whatever the challenge I was game. I used to play with vermin that would make many people squirm. A game of chicken, or rugby I was I was first in line. Even though often the last to be picked. You see when we are younger, sure fear exists. We just don’t give it space in our minds. Fear is one mean son-uv-a … as when we get older. We grow up and those stories that your mom used to tell you to keep you from doing something. Well, they start to come true and have real meaning. Now roller coasters that used to be a blast are terrifying. You really do pack a extra clean pair of underwear just in case. While the fear of the spanking and ‘the wait until your dad gets home’ was usually ten times worse than the actual […]