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Dishonor, A story of Hope and Redemption 

Some of the best stories that have the most impact come from the heart. A place of vulnerability that allows the reader to connect with the story. Such is the case with the book Dishonor: One Soldier’s Journey from Desertion to Redemption by David Mike. David takes his readers on a journey of epic proportions. Imagine you are young, everything going for you. Joining the military had been a lifelong dream of yours. Like many people you make a couple of bad choices. Decided temptations were worthy of their rewards. Instead of being a clean cut soldier you had dreamed of, it all collapses around you. Sometimes you have to be locked up to find true freedom. ~ @dilemmamike Click To Tweet When you should have had your boots on the ground with your brother in arms, you end up behind bars. Shame over pride overtakes David as he fights to get out. Not only out of jail but out of the military. He wanted out on his terms rather than run the risk of smearing his dad’s name, much less his by…gulp… being dishonorably discharged. Through all of this, David was still able to find Christ with him behind the prison bars, amidst his shame. David Mike swore allegiance to his country in 1987, only to be dishonorably discharged for desertion. One bad choice after another landed him at Fort Leavenworth, a notorious military prison in Kansas, where he starts a new life as an inmate. Follow his journey as he claws his way toward […]

So You Want to Speak in Public? It’s Time to Get Picked!

get picked to speak

With all the noise out there it can sometimes be hard to get noticed. Especially if you want to get picked to speak in public. Public speaking for some is well terrifying, to say the least. Rated among the top of things that people are scared of the most. A new book, Get Picked: Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Creating Irresistible Speaker Proposals perhaps your fears will not be a much of a challenge. The official launch date of Get Picked by Aurora Gregory and David Pitlik is on June 28th. I have spoken publicly over the years in front of various audiences. I spent years as a deejay talking on a microphone at dozens of weddings, parties, and nightclubs. I decided to share my story and testimony in front of strangers at a gala. I also participated in a panel discussion recently on stage in front of a group of entrepreneurs. No matter the audience or venue, I wish I had known what it took to get picked and stick out as well as have more success with my speaker proposals. Get Picked is the resource I have been unknowingly looking for and thrilled to have found. You have a message, experience, and knowledge that needs to be heard. @GetPicked2Speak Click To Tweet Public speakers can be like anything else; you must rise above the crowd and stick out above the rest to get picked. This book is full of techniques and ways to get speaking gigs that are perfect for you and your niche. Everyone has a story to share […]

When Will You Go “Tell Someone?”

We are all called to be the hands and feet of Jesus; we are called to be disciples. We are commissioned to tell someone and share the good news. So when will you tell someone? This is the question that author and world-renowned pastor Greg Laurie addressed in his recently released book “Tell Someone, You Can Share the Good News.” (Please note, affiliate links follow. Your support is greatly appreciated!) I have been longing for a way to share the gospel with others. Discipleship in and of itself it something that many churches preach on. Yet they never break it down on the ‘how” or better yet the “why.” In this book by Greg, he breaks down the barriers by sharing his personal experiences. Experiences that were both from his successes and failures. He examines these events and aligns them with biblical teachings that anyone can use in their daily life. I found myself being able to relate to Greg’s story, his failures and upbringing were ones I could relate to personally. He walks us through his childhood, his story where he was not supposed to amount too much or perhaps even be. He shares stories with humor and raw honesty that anyone of any faith could relate to in their own lives. The author dives into how sharing begins with caring for your fellow man, not just in your family or neighborhood but everywhere. He talks about how when he first was introduced to Christ. He like many people tried to hide his new-found way of living. He ran […]