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Year in Review (Top 9 Posts of 2014)

Over the past year I have taken my readers through a varied journey. We have traveled from middle earth, to the gridiron and beyond. I have shared stories with the homeless, both pets and people. We have set goals, shared tips and grown together through the year. It is my honor to share this year in review with you. As the New year closes in I wanted to share some highlights of 2014. These are a handful of 90+ posts from the past year. Of these posts they have been read in over 80 countries from around the world. Thousands of readers like you have encouraged me over the past year to continue to write. First and foremost ‘Thank You’ to each and every one of you, without you there would be no year in review. Here are the top nine posts determined by count of readers like you. I look forward to continuing to serve and share with you in 2015. 1. Dreams Fail when we Procrastinate:  Dreams fail when we procrastinate and wait for the right time to come to decide. Failed again, yep that’s right that really good deal that would change everything, well you missed it. Dragged my feet thinking I would do it tomorrow, yet tomorrow is here and the deal is gone. As dreamer I think the saying goes “if you build they will come”, not just because you thought about it will it happen. read more   2. Why Men are Leaving Church Church leaders everywhere are scrambling to […]

Iron Sharpens Iron …

Finally it is here, many hours of work and rework. Starving my fears and hammering out the details. In order to create a new image, scratch that a new platform. There are still a few pieces still to come, but the anticipation has worn me weary. You see I bought the new theme that you see before you a couple of months ago. I have tweaked and re-tweaked it until what you see before you. This new image along with a forthcoming logo will become the image and persona of SecondIron. Maintaining the theme and concept of iron sharpens iron, SecondIron’s Blog is being relaunched with this new design, passion and goals. I will strive to provide consistent content to you and welcome you into the conversation. Blogging is an interactive process the more the readers join the conversation the more we will all be sharpened. Hope that you enjoy the revamped look, as well as the new content. Take a moment and subscribe today to ensure that you will continue to receive the content in your inbox. The site was built using the Tribe theme provided by Jeff Goins. It is hosted by Dreamhost and regularly modified by me. Be sure to check out the resources page to learn more. I have provided a page of interesting links that will periodically grow when I find other sites that are befitting the SecondIron recommendation. Most of these sites are offered simply as a courtesy and there are no affiliate relationship unless noted. Hope you enjoy […]

11 Fishing Lessons of Leadership

Imagine a day on the water, a crisp cool breeze in the air. The smell of salt-laden air penetrates your soul. You have been looking forward to this taste of fishing paradise all week. As men we look forward to being one with the sea. A few hours on a boat can remedy almost anything that ails, at least temporarily. Bonding with the rod and reel we become one with the fish at sea. While many enjoy the time on the water for what it is, a sanctuary of freedom. I could not help but garner some lessons as my skin baked in the sun. Lessons that were plain as the tide was a rising. 1.) It’s not about the fish – as leaders we are guided to lead others to success. This can mean we forego our own big catch of success to help others. 2.) Change with the tide – both fish and business ebbs and flows with the current. We as leaders must adjust our strategies to accommodate changes. 3.) Different Bait – every fish and every person is unique. Just because you caught Reds the last time on live shrimp does not mean you will today. It is not a cookie cutter world, we must adapt as we lead. 4.) Small fish big fight – as with fish, people can be deceiving. You may be leading a group towards success and as soon as they get near the goal they run. Even a small fish can put up a good fight. […]