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Beware of Trust Breaking Snakes

Everyone knows that trust is a difficult thing to come by.  Even those of you that are ‘trusting’ until you prove me wrong are usually just kidding yourselves.  It almost never fails that someone somewhere at some point will break that bond of trust. As someone who works with homeless and abused animals, trust is word that does not always come easy nor is taken for granted.  This past weekend I witnessed trust get shattered in a blink of an eye. We were at the park for an annual family reunion and we brought our two rescues along as they are family too.  Both dogs usually have great social skills with people and are happy to see anyone that might pet them or pay them any mind. Everything went off  without a hitch, we ate and talked and had a good time.  The dogs were the center of attention as they usually can become.  We take them with us to work on socialization and to continue building the trusting bond around other people.

Boldly Saving Some Tail

Another fantastic weekend in the books, what started out as a stormy wash out of a Saturday turned into a perfect evening. We shared some delectable plates at the new hot spot in Five Points named Hawkers Asian Street Fare.  They have been busy since they opened their doors so we did not mind the relatively short 15-20 minute wait for a table.  It was a new experience though as there were half a dozen empty tables but come to find out those were for the people who were responding to the wait list that sent them text messages that their table was ready. Hawkers is a blend of Malaysian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai and Singapore street fair that are small plates intended for sharing.   You have to ask for a fork as they expect you to eat with either your hands or chopsticks, neither of which am I prone to use. After dinner we traveled only a few blocks away to the highlight of the evening which was being held at Bold City Brewery.  Being that we had never been to Bold City, we were not sure what to expect and therefore were not disappointed.

How Much is the Puppy in the Window

Your kids tug at your sleeve and beg you ‘please, please’.  You take me home and give me my own bed to sleep in oh boy!  We play chase around the house and a game of fetch out in the front yard.  You pet me and rub my belly and tell me how much you love me. As the days go by the games grow shorter that we play, you tell me you are tired and ‘won’t I just go away!’