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God’s Will is Bigger than Our Plan

Our life journey, no matter how we may plan, it is God’s will. For those that have been following and praying for us while we have been in Haiti, Thank you! We went to church in Canaan, Haiti, held in the School of Love. There is very little as beautiful as the voices of men, women and children praising our Lord and Savior. Combine that with a building built out of love on a mountain in Canaan, Haiti; words just cannot describe. Rick the founder of was invited by the pastor to provide the sermon. He spoke of faith and the story of 1 Kings 18. After service, we spent time loving on the church family of Canaan. Those children that we sponsored, as well as some sponsored by people back in the states, were given small gifts that we had brought with us. We then headed back into town. Originally we had planned on stopping by the hospital where the orphans we had met on previous trips. Not only that hospital but all the public hospitals in Haiti we were told were closed due to a strike. So the orphans had been moved to an undisclosed private home for care. A bit disappointed, yet relief at the same time. Disappointed that we would not be able to love on them as planned. Relief that they were no longer there and were taken care of. We headed to another orphanage that one of the guys was familiar with. This orphanage currently housed forty-two children. […]

VBS at Heart of Love School, Haiti

We spent the bulk of the day doing VBS at the Heart of Love School Our morning started out in a little traffic again. Prayers were answered this morning as we did not encounter near as much as yesterday. When we arrived at the school there were easily one hundred fifty to two hundred waiting for us. We were serenaded upon entering the school. Beautiful voices praising into the mountain tops. After brief introduction we performed the story of the Good Samaritan for the children. The laughter was almost as heartwarming as their singing. Once we were done making fools of ourselves we split the children into two groups. One group stayed in the school to work on crafts geared towards loving their neighbor. The other group, which I helped with went outside to play games with the children. It was fun playing games I have either never played, had not played since I was a child, or watched others play. Games like egg and spoon relays, over under and one that well ended up a mix between futbol, dodge ball, and hot potato. Once we were done playing games with the first group, we switched. It was so hot, the children were tired and a bit anxious. The second group was a bit hard to manage mainly because the children had their crafts to contend with. We then sent the last group back in and shared cookies and Gatorade with all the children and the parents that were there. There is nothing better than […]

Hearts of Children Wipe it all Away

I am currently in Port-au-Prince, Haiti after spending our first day back in Canaan. This marks our third trip in the last seven months. Each time we come things are a little different. On our first day it was traffic that slowed us down a bit. Although a bit stressful the slow-moving gave me an opportunity to take the country in. When we arrived at the school the kids were hard at work. They stopped what they were doing and stood to sing a welcoming song as we entered. There is nothing more beautiful than the voices of children singing on a mountainside. We were there to do some work and gather more information on the kids for their sponsorship packages. We were also there just to love on them. Some of the children remembered us and openly shared. Others were a bit shy, yet opened up when they saw we cared. It was a hot and busy day, we got to see the orphanage that will soon be done. It still needs a roof before it can provide shelter for the abandoned. Growing up as an orphan, this has a special place for me. I cannot wait to sit in traffic again. All the people, cars, dogs and donkeys will not keep us from the mountain. Seeing the smiles of the children wipes away all the inconveniences of this world. It is for the children of Haiti that we continue to return. To learn more about how you can help please visit