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Steps to Unleashing the Warrior (Part 1)

This has taking some time to write as it took a while to marinate on all that happened in learning to become an unleashed warrior.  You see last weekend was one of those weekends every man should go through if they have the chance.  A word of warning though, you have to be open for it to mean anything. Open Heart? Open Mind? Great let’s go! Society is crumbling around us. Marriages are collapsing. Pornography is winning the battle for men’s minds. And our children are abandoning the Church. But there is hope. ~ Promise Keepers Let me set the stage a bit, picture a church, the Titus Harvest Dome in my home town having a line of men of all ages, races, backgrounds and locations chomping at the bit to get in to get their spirits and hearts filled and ultimately to unleash the warrior. Thousands of men from all over with Bibles in hand ready to spend two days opening up the word and breaking down barriers and becoming Promise Keepers and warriors. The doors opened shortly after 5 on Friday allowing the men inside to make their way to their seats for the event that was to start at 6 pm.  When the band took the stage at 6 it was obvious almost immediately that these men were here for a reason and were on a mission.  Imagine the area in front of the stage being filled by men dancing and singing at the top of their lungs to worship songs as […]

A Little Caring Goes a Long Way

As an entrepreneur or blogger, a leader or follower, a business owner or non-profit volunteer there is one thing that is in common with all walks of life that rings true.  People will believe you, trust you and follow you if you care. Many might scoff at that and say, of course I care, I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing if I didn’t care.’  … Really? What would happen if you went through the day paying attention to people’s needs rather than your own.  Try the next time you pass the homeless in the street, rather than avoiding them or tossing them some loose change, how about shaking their hand and asking them about their day. Many people start out a dream or journey because they are passionate about it, or because it happens to pay the bills.  Very few actually care about not only what they do but also why they do it and for whom.  Whether you are bagging groceries at the local supermarket, or a barista at the neighborhood coffee shop it is much easier to spend our days caring about what we do. Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is your power to do it. – Prov 3:27 Click To Tweet So you happen to sit behind a desk writing code or doing monotonous accounting, who says the job has to be a drag and that you should not care.

11 Leadership Lessons Learned From Dogs

Everyone knows that dogs are our best friends right.  How about dogs being some of the best mentors on Leadership Lessons as well. Here are a few ways that we can learn how to be a better leader from that same dog that licks themselves in public. Meet everyone at the door – dogs love to run to the door and get excited no matter who is at the door.  Hopefully your dog has manners and does not lose its mind when there is a knock at the door as mine does.  As leaders we need to meet people, don’t hide behind a desk all the time with a secretary or team member on guard.  Customer service is key component no matter what business or industry you are in. Lead From Behind – anyone that has a dog know that before they are going to get out in front of you well they have to check the rear.  Nothing says you are part of a pack than a nose up your butt nudging you along.  As a leader we need to push more and pull less, we cannot drag our team to success nearly as well as we can encourage them to succeed.