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Why Men are Leaving Church

Church leaders everywhere are scrambling to understand why the men are leaving Church and not coming back. Historically men have led the church, fed the church and filled the church. As Church attendance across the nation declines and some churches are having to shutter their doors. One trend has become true, the men that once attended are not returning, new men are not coming back. Men are leaving the Church and the Church seems surprised. The real question every church needs to ask is why? Men by nature seek a different level of fulfillment at church. Gone are the days of going to church because you grew up in the church. We need more than the readings on Sunday and maybe Wednesday nights. Our spiritual cup is empty and the Church no longer runneth over to refill it. What is it that men need from the Church? 1.) Brotherhood – Men are better when they have other men to keep them honest. Iron sharpens iron was not just words in Proverbs. It is the truth and the light that men need other men to rely on. Dating back centuries as cave men, as bothers in monasteries, as soldiers, as teammates, men need other men. 2.) Spiritual – As men we are attacked by satan everyday of our lives. We are tempted as in the garden of Eden with fresh fruits. We rely on the spiritual guidance and armor to protect our hearts. Alone we are weak, but with the armor of the Word to protect and […]

11 Fishing Lessons of Leadership

Imagine a day on the water, a crisp cool breeze in the air. The smell of salt-laden air penetrates your soul. You have been looking forward to this taste of fishing paradise all week. As men we look forward to being one with the sea. A few hours on a boat can remedy almost anything that ails, at least temporarily. Bonding with the rod and reel we become one with the fish at sea. While many enjoy the time on the water for what it is, a sanctuary of freedom. I could not help but garner some lessons as my skin baked in the sun. Lessons that were plain as the tide was a rising. 1.) It’s not about the fish – as leaders we are guided to lead others to success. This can mean we forego our own big catch of success to help others. 2.) Change with the tide – both fish and business ebbs and flows with the current. We as leaders must adjust our strategies to accommodate changes. 3.) Different Bait – every fish and every person is unique. Just because you caught Reds the last time on live shrimp does not mean you will today. It is not a cookie cutter world, we must adapt as we lead. 4.) Small fish big fight – as with fish, people can be deceiving. You may be leading a group towards success and as soon as they get near the goal they run. Even a small fish can put up a good fight. […]

When We Choose Faith Over Religion

For many years, I like many people thought I was a pretty faith filled religious person. I went to church every Sunday. I tithed and volunteered at the church when I could. I prayed over my meals, and before I went to bed. This all makes for a faithful religious person or so I thought. We spend our days giving praise and glory to God. Striving to be a good person and follow His commandments. Spending time each day reading His word , that too grows our religion right? As we strive to grow our religion and find measurements to tally our success we miss the mark. We miss it by focusing on the religion rather than on the faith. Faith does not come from appearances or how much we put in the Offertory basket. Being religious is practicing the doctrine that we have been taught, yet with little understanding. Faith however is believing in the unseen, unproven being because we believe. Faith is doing good works out of true charity of heart not to count the cost. Faith is believing in a higher power beyond the pulpit. Some of the most faithful servants I have known never stepped foot in a church for service. They were faithful stewards that loved and honored God through their actions not words. They served God and his people not for recognition or power but solely out of love. Society gets lost in the representation of religion that true faith gets lost. Churches are focused on raising money more than raising […]