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You Inspire Others by Your Art

Steve Pressfield  in The War of Art said it best “The best and only thing that one artist can do for another is to serve as an example and an inspiration.” No truer words have been said and yet many don’t even know they do it. We spend hours laboring to master our craft. To fine tune it so it will be perfect. Then we release it into the wild for public view and it lands like a wet sock. All our work we feel was for nothing. Stay true to yourself. Those words you write. The lines you draw. Whatever your craft, your art may be. Others notice. They are watching you and you inspire them. Sure you may not get the accolades and comments or traffic you were hoping for. The key is you did not let fear stop you, you punched it in the face, you created art. We live our lives hoping to make a big splash, yet we sometimes miss the ripple. The waves we create by our actions makes all the difference in others. Many people are ready to quit, throw in the towel. A kind word, a shared struggle, an example of sticking it out, that is all they need to hold on. “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~ JQA Click To Tweet So as you labor late at night or early in the morning honing your art while others sleep. The hours may be long, […]

Small Fish in a Big Pond …

Ever feel like a small fish in a big pond? Many think it is better to be the big fish right? As a blogger we all feel like small fish that are trying to get noticed. We blog regularly, we share our hearts in our words. Yet not even a nibble in the vast sea of bloggers. And we read others blogs to see what it is that they are doing different. Checking our stats, commenting on others. Hoping that one day our small voices in this chaotic world might be heard. Writing is not as self-serving as it seems. We write from our wounds in hopes that you might heal. Sharing our experiences and leaving it all on the page. If we touch one life and make it a little better. All the sleepless nights and caffeine highs are worth the cost. A small fish in a big pond can be just as influential as a big fish in a small pond. It is all a matter of how we use our influence to impact lives of our readers. Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. ~ Benjamin Franklin Click To Tweet Knowing that you have read my words, and that you keep coming back. This gives me the strength to continue to share. We all have a story, a voice so to speak. I share mine so that you can read, share and repeat. No matter how big or small the pond or lake may be. We may all be […]

What Harm Was There in Haring’s Ghost

Is it really art?  Is it really a crime? .. you decide I walk around my local neighborhood regularly to get out of the office and get some fresh air from the cubicle that I spend many of my days.  On these walks throughout the historical district of my city there are many things cultural items that one can take in within a few city blocks. Like most cities and towns in the country there are landmarks that signify events or people in history that make the city what it is today. Whether it is an old abandoned school that they won’t tear down, yet won’t sell to repurpose it either.  Or the eagles that stand guard over the park keeping a watchful eye on the vagrants that are dressed in business suits that scurry around on their lunch breaks. There is a little bit of history and nostalgia on almost every street corner that make this part of town what it is. You have the old movie theatre next door to the infamous tattoo parlor that share space along the street with numerous other small businesses fighting for their piece of the American dream. There is the park with the duck pond that they want to make into a dog park that has a playground for the kids to play. There is the occasional graffiti that can be found in this city as well where neighborhoods have been claimed and turf lines drawn. All of this is part of living in any town in […]