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Every Writer Needs a Tribe to Call Their Own (free ebook)

This sounds too good to be true. When I started this blog back in 2013 I had no clue what I was doing. Not to say that I am an expert now but I do know more thanks to the leadership of others in the field. One of the people of whom I follow as a blogger is Jeff Goins.  As a writer and blogger he has taught me a great deal over the last couple of years. Granted he likely had no idea that he has had such an impact but that’s okay. I have read every book of Jeff’s that I could get my hands on. In fact I helped promote one of his called the Art of Work. Being a fan made wanting to be a part of his launch team a no brainer. Jeff is at is again and this time has brought out an ebook that he wanted to share. There is a catch though, the book is currently free. Yep that’s right an expert in the field wrote a book about creating your own tribe and is giving it away. For a limited time, my friend Jeff Goins is giving a free eBook on how to build your audience called, Every Writer Needs a Tribe. Click Here to get your free copy today Now, this isn’t some short PDF “report” or white paper. It’s a full-out book that Jeff has never before released to the public. And he’s letting a handful of friends offer to their audiences for free. Whether […]

Please take my first 2015 annual Blog Survey

Blessed SecondIron Readers, I am humbly coming to you to ask for your honest feedback on SecondIron’s Blog, so that I may serve you better. In order for me to serve you better, we need to get to know one another a bit. By learning your interests and style will allow me to provide relevant content over the upcoming year. In order for us to have this conversation I have created this 2015 Annual Blog Survey. I wish we could meet over a nice cup of java and chat awhile (option open to anyone that would like to stop by my hometown). In the meantime a few questions and a couple of minutes of your time will help out immensely. SecondIron’s Blog has been around for just over a year and a hundred or so posts. In that time I have shared some of my faith walk, books reviews, movies and more. In order to ensure that I continue providing the information and content you want our little chat will be valuable. The results are anonymous so please be honest as the community can only improve if we are all in the discussion. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts, filling out the quick survey and that cup of coffee if you so choose (my treat). Best regards and blessings, Charles Johnston

Small Fish in a Big Pond …

Ever feel like a small fish in a big pond? Many think it is better to be the big fish right? As a blogger we all feel like small fish that are trying to get noticed. We blog regularly, we share our hearts in our words. Yet not even a nibble in the vast sea of bloggers. And we read others blogs to see what it is that they are doing different. Checking our stats, commenting on others. Hoping that one day our small voices in this chaotic world might be heard. Writing is not as self-serving as it seems. We write from our wounds in hopes that you might heal. Sharing our experiences and leaving it all on the page. If we touch one life and make it a little better. All the sleepless nights and caffeine highs are worth the cost. A small fish in a big pond can be just as influential as a big fish in a small pond. It is all a matter of how we use our influence to impact lives of our readers. Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. ~ Benjamin Franklin Click To Tweet Knowing that you have read my words, and that you keep coming back. This gives me the strength to continue to share. We all have a story, a voice so to speak. I share mine so that you can read, share and repeat. No matter how big or small the pond or lake may be. We may all be […]