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Sharing to help make everyone’s blogging easier.

Sharing is caring and as a writer, blogger and platform builder it is only right that I share what has worked for me.  Here are some of the things that have worked for me and maybe they will be of use to you too.

Note: Some of these resources are free, some are not so free, and there are others that well honestly are affiliates that I believe in enough to allow them to pay me.  That means you buy; they pay me without additional cost to you or those you care to share the resources with. I only recommend resources that I have personally used in building my platform and believe in enough to want to share them with you.

Web hosting

Godaddy – offers WordPress hosting at low rates along with other website hosting as well as e-commerce.  Currently hosts this site as well as another that I blog on and maintain. Please check out my other work about a Fr. Jerzy, a priest and his path to sainthood Here it is a hosted WordPress site.


WordPress – Whether you use or both are a must for bloggers everywhere.  Personally, I started with a site and quickly moved to a self-hosted once I decided to take my blog to the next level.

Scrivener – Scrivener is a powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate writing and also structuring long documents. I use it to write and format blog posts as well as store them for future publication.  Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)

Tribe Theme– the best WordPress theme for writers passionate about typography & simplicity created as the brainchild of Jeff Goins. This is the premium theme that this blog is currently using. Click here to join the waitlist

AppSumoAppSumo along with their company SumoMe are both great tools to find tips, tricks, training and applications to take your writing adventure to the next level.

LightStock Great selection of photos to use in your blog for minimal cost. Also, if you sign up for their email list, you will get a free photo a week. Sign up here not an affiliate.

Social Networking

HootSuite Pro – I use this app on my android device as well as on my desktop to maintain my scheduling for numerous social media platforms.  As a pro subscriber, I have the ability to schedule posts to multiple social media sites as well as have predictive content made available for sharing as well  click to join today

BufferApp – The app that I use for managing my social media posts that Hootsuite is unable to perform at this time. Also, it provides other scheduling content options from anywhere on the web, collaborate with team members, and analyze full statistics on how your posts perform. Click here for more (no affiliate)

Evernote – The go-to place for my memory, this app comes in handy when browsing the web both on my desktop and Android.  When I find an article or blog that I want to get back to I save it to Evernote. I also use it to maintain my offline blog writing that I do while using my Kindle Fire HD.


Kindle Fire HD – One of two Kindles that I use for reading my latest book as well as use it to write utilizing the Bluetooth keyboard that I added to the device.  This resource comes in handy when I am on the go and want to jot something down. I also have the WordPress App along with Hootsuite to stay connected while remaining mobile. Fire HDX 8.9, 8.9″ HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB

Audible – As someone who is on the go quite a bit I sometimes struggle to find the time to read. Fortunately, through Audible and Amazon company I can readily download audio books on the go. No matter if I am in the car, in the office or sitting on a riverbank with Audible my books are with me everywhere.

Profile Headshot

Joseph Photography – a phenomenal photographer that not only provided my head-shot for my blog and social links but also blessed our family with some great family portraits we will always treasure.  For all your photography needs, please contact Joseph Photography.

Logo Design

I felt that SecondIron needed to have its identity. I worked with a few artists at Fivver before creating one that I was happy with. The logo design has a couple of components that exemplify the blog. The Celtic Trinity design represents my Scottish background as well as my Christian beliefs. The hammer and anvil represent “iron sharpens iron” from Proverbs 24:17. The number 2 represents living second, by putting God and the needs of others before my own. This brilliant design was created by a talented lady from Canada, Eva, who is a graphic artist, her work can be found by shopping here. I hope you enjoy the logo and what it represents as much as I do.

I hope these resources come in handy and are helpful in building your blog. Additional resources will be added as I see their usefulness.