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An Open Letter to Fear, You No Longer Live Here

Dear Fear, You and I have been through a lot together; I wanted to share what I learned from you in this letter. We have spent many long and sleepless nights together. You made me believe in myself. Scratch that you made me believe in another self. The self that did not exist, one built on lies, like a house made of match sticks. The whispers you spoke into my soul at night, driving deep into my humanity. I believed you; you created me. We shared some great times together, well they were great for you at least. You partied and had a fake lifestyle, one where you pretended to have it all together. Meanwhile, I was buried in my insecurities and self-doubt. I believed the lies you told me, telling me I was worthless, would not amount to anything, even stupid. I thought I could change you, but in turn, you changed me. I no longer recognized the skeleton that looked back in my mirror. I was a fading image of what God had made me be. We have grown apart, you and I, we are different now. I no longer have the same feelings I once had for you. You have become distant and, well I cheated on you. I found someone else that loves me for me. They don’t try to change me or fix me. I wake in the morning without buyers remorse. Laying my head down at night knowing I have made the right choice. Don’t shed tears as you […]

Fear is one Mean Son of a …

Many people talk about fighting their fears, yet they invite it into their lives like they are best friends. Personally, I have talked a good game when it comes to fear. I mean come on… when I fell and hurt myself mountain climbing, I went right back and climbed a bigger mountain the next year. When I was learning to ride a bike, I never gave up nor would I use training wheels. Bruised and broken fear would not get the best of me. As a kid I used to stand up to any challenge (not the brightest move at times). Whether it meant jumping off rooftops, surfing on top of cars, whatever the challenge I was game. I used to play with vermin that would make many people squirm. A game of chicken, or rugby I was I was first in line. Even though often the last to be picked. You see when we are younger, sure fear exists. We just don’t give it space in our minds. Fear is one mean son-uv-a … as when we get older. We grow up and those stories that your mom used to tell you to keep you from doing something. Well, they start to come true and have real meaning. Now roller coasters that used to be a blast are terrifying. You really do pack a extra clean pair of underwear just in case. While the fear of the spanking and ‘the wait until your dad gets home’ was usually ten times worse than the actual […]

Ways of Identifying Human Trafficking

January has been designated ‘Human Trafficking’ month. Coincidentally during the same month is an event that creates a peak season. As we near the end of January, and get ready to watch the big game on February 1st. The Superbowl is estimated to bring in excess of 500 million to the Arizona area. Under the lights of the stadium. In the shadows of the dimly lit streets. A secret lies waiting. Depending on the thousands of fans attending the game’s festivities. Innocence will be lost before the game ends. A 9.5 billion dollar industry will use the national spotlight to expand its impact. While many think they would recognize a sex slave. A victim could be the person sitting right next to you. Possibly the stranger you are about to meet. Pimps will follow the money. The Superbowl will once again prove to be a premium market. However, maybe not the increase as previously touted. Any event that draws crowds become targets for human traffickers, both sellers and buyers. Human trafficking is an everyday problem, 365 days a year. One that every person should be aware of and can help prevent. California, Texas and even my own home state of Florida have the most confirmed incidents of trafficking in the US. Worldwide it is estimated to impact in excess of 20 million victims. Slavery no longer requires chains and bondage of days past. Much of it exists in homes in our own cities. A simple click of a mouse, another life sold. Pornography has become […]