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What Happens When You Answer His Call

Over the last few weeks many have been reading on social media and here about our upcoming mission trip to Haiti. This post will go live as I am in the air on Spirit Airlines on my way to Port a Prince. We will spend the next few days serving God’s children. Instead of donating a faceless charity we decided to do more. We will ministering to His children where they live, many homeless but not forgotten. I will get the opportunity to share my story in another part of the world. I have been asked to share the story of young David. This will be a humbling experience even though I may never see them again they will listen. Maybe their lives will be changed,  I am sure mine will be. While we are serving, feeding and ministering to His lost children I ask for your prayers. Prayers for guidance that we may have the words to speak. Prayers of safety for everyone on this mission trip and those that are called to serve. Most of all prayers for the orphans that we humbly get to serve. As we board this plane to head to Haiti I have a challenge for you. The next time you hear God’s voice…try answering the call. This may mean serving in your hometown or overseas. Where ever you are called make sure your journey begins prayerfully on your knees. When we are obedient in His will His blessings will multiply. No matter how big or small we can […]

Everyone Knows the devil is a Liar

Recently I have been in a battle with the devil and the devil is a liar. Anyone that has a big goal in their sights whether it be a promotion, vacation, graduation, mission trip whatever it may be you will be dragged out into the desert to meet the devil. It may not last a full 40 days of temptation as it did for Jesus. I bet it will start around the 40 day mark before your goal though. The devil will use every tool he can to stop you from reaching your goal, after all the devil is a liar. Back in the end of March and early April the devil and I danced a few rounds before my graduation in May. He got in my head and fed me lies I had heard before. I was weak and almost fell to his ploy. In my last semester of college I was ready to quit. I was convinced that the words I had heard most my life were true. “I was not good enough“, “I never will finish” or “amount to anything“. It took other prayer warriors to fight with me to battle off the lies. I was prayed for and prayed over, yet he still kept coming. It was not until I sent him packing that he left me be… for a time. You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because […]

How are You Going to Share Their Story?

All of us have a story to tell, some are just looking for the ears to listen. How are you going to share their Story?

How are You Going to Share Their Story?

Some of you may remember shortly after I started SecondIron’s Blog I shared a story about a gentleman I met out in the rain. This man had nothing to offer and yet I had all to gain. He was homeless and looking for company more than a handout. I told his story of how he was needing a few dollars in order to find a place out of the rain to stay. I ran into this same man yesterday.

I will call him Joe, as to not give away his real name that I now know.

I was reading the book Bridge Builders out in the hot sun on the river-walk. As I got up to move to the shade I saw a familiar face coming towards me. Not wanting interaction I turned my back and walked away. His pace was faster than mine and he caught up to and passed me by. As he did he looked at me briefly. He turned and stopped, and quietly said “have we had conversation before?” I acknowledged we had.

Noticing that he had a tool-belt around his waist and a cellphone in his hand. I commented ‘you are doing better than the last time we spoke.’ He cheerfully replied ‘yes, I guess I