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Angels Do Walk Among Us, This I Have Seen

Ever hear that voice in your ear that tells you to “slow down?” What about the one that whispers “not now?” Or the one where words come out of your mouth but you don’t know where they came from, yet they were beautifully perfect at that moment? It is in these moments that I believe angels do walk among us.   Many would like to believe that when our loved ones leave us that they look down on us from heaven. Holding onto the memories of their earthly bodies, as they dance in the ethereal clouds with our Lord. I ask, do they only look down or are they still with you in spirit? Miracles happen each and every day if only we slow down enough to pay attention. Click To Tweet When Jesus ascended to heaven, he promised the Holy Spirit would return in his place. A spirit that would guide us as we spread the gospel throughout the world. How can this Holy Spirit spread amongst all of us, to each end of the earth? What if the Holy Spirit came down and touched each of us through our baptism and stayed with us. The Holy Spirit transformed and transfigured into the angels of our loved ones. When you speak the words, your mother used to say or do something only your grandfather could have done. Perhaps it’s the simple smile of a baby reflecting the eyes of one you lost too soon. Or a moment that feels familiar, and safe as if […]

Schools, Banks, and Parades..MLK Day

I recently shared my thoughts on Medium about MLK Day and the correlation it holds with me personally. Today as I celebrate my own birthday I share it with another great day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I remember as a kid being told that parades were being held just for me on my birthday. In fact, I was reminded of the same just yesterday. One thing that I share with Martin Luther King Jr. is his great tenacity to love. Love in a way where you are able to serve one another. Love in a way where your faith is what leads you. Love in a way that your actions answer the most persistent and urgent questions “what are you doing for others? Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. I spent many years conflicted about the thin line between love and hate. Raised in the south, I saw hate in all shapes, sizes, and colors. As I grow older each day I have witnessed the beauty in which Martin Luther King Jr. had foretold. A time and place where we can learn to live together as brothers and sisters. In a world more divided than in Martin Luther King Jr.’s day, we look to our leaders for an example, yet we find none. Rather than following the consensus it is time we become the molder of consensus. It is time we lift each other up and hold each other in […]

Merry Christmas – Welcome to the Greatest Conspiracy Ever

As you celebrate Christmas, you have become part of a conspiracy. A fantastic conspiracy that had spread around the world like Santa’s sleigh. Along with millions of other people around the world you will likely spend today sharing gifts. Gifts, thought out and well planned. Gifts both big and small that will express the greatest gift of all, love. Over two thousand years ago in a manger far far away was the first Christmas gift ever given. A gift so big that He gave his only begotten son for each and every one of us. He was born into this world to take away our sin, this spotless victim of God’s greatest gift, love. He was Love,  He is Love everlasting. This baby whose birth we celebrate with gifts today, He is love. Gifts of love, as we welcome Him into our homes on this Christmas day. A love so great that He lives within each of us every day throughout the year. Along with all the Christians of the world you have become a part of this conspiracy to share and show God’s love. Each of us have been called to go out and make disciples in His name. Share the faith, hope and love our loving heavenly Father has provided in the form of a new-born child. The son of God became a man to enable men to become sons of God. ~ C.S. Lewis Click To Tweet Will you join me in the great conspiracy of Christmas, the great conspiracy to share His eternal […]