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Things Roe vs Wade Have in Common With Me

On January 22, 1973, in a historic vote of 7 – 2, it was decided to be a woman’s choice to have an abortion. On that day I had just turned one-year-old a few days before on January 18th, I easily could have been a statistic as so many others have since. Being born in the early 70’s to parents that could not or would not take care of me, I ended up abandoned and in foster care. I could have been aborted, legally had I been born a year later.  I spent much of my childhood, teen years and even as an adult angry at my biological parents. Anger turns to an unforgiving heart, I turned cold to most everyone around me. Feeling like I never fit in made me more awkward than a normal boy would be. My social prowess lacked in almost every aspect. I turned to befriend the outcasts, always clinging to the broken and needy. All of this was to fill an empty hole in my soul, a longing I could not understand a thirst that could not be quenched. This is not a headline, this issue could have been me, maybe even you? Click To Tweet By turning to alcohol and other troublesome behavior, I hoped to bury my pain. A pain of loneliness that I never understood. I had little stability in my life, as I never allowed myself to be happy. I used to wish that I had never been born, maybe my brother was right when […]