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What Happens When You Answer His Call

Over the last few weeks many have been reading on social media and here about our upcoming mission trip to Haiti. This post will go live as I am in the air on Spirit Airlines on my way to Port a Prince. We will spend the next few days serving God’s children. Instead of donating a faceless charity we decided to do more. We will ministering to His children where they live, many homeless but not forgotten. I will get the opportunity to share my story in another part of the world. I have been asked to share the story of young David. This will be a humbling experience even though I may never see them again they will listen. Maybe their lives will be changed,  I am sure mine will be. While we are serving, feeding and ministering to His lost children I ask for your prayers. Prayers for guidance that we may have the words to speak. Prayers of safety for everyone on this mission trip and those that are called to serve. Most of all prayers for the orphans that we humbly get to serve. As we board this plane to head to Haiti I have a challenge for you. The next time you hear God’s voice…try answering the call. This may mean serving in your hometown or overseas. Where ever you are called make sure your journey begins prayerfully on your knees. When we are obedient in His will His blessings will multiply. No matter how big or small we can […]