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10 Ant-sized Lessons Learned From the Ant-Man Movie

The highly anticipated Marvel movie Ant-Man movie finally hit theaters this past weekend, and it packed a powerful ant-sized punch.

Like many Marvel movies of late, Ant-Man was full of special effects, one-liners and Marvel Universe references galore. At times it was actually difficult to keep up with the movie with all the references and quotes from other movies and characters. However small the Ant-Man sized character he packed a powerful punch. Ants of course are known for their extreme strength and once Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) harnessed that power he became Ant-Man.

There is quite a bit of clean humor throughout the movie as well as some great action scenes. One of the best scenes was when Ant-Man broke into the Avengers facility and went to battle with none other than Falcon. Ant sized or not he was able to hold his own with the Avenger. Ant-Man’s nemesis in the film was Darren Cross as Yellow-Jacket played by Corey Stoll. Ant-Man’s creator Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) brought in Scott to try to stop Darren from unleashing the technology into the world.

The film is full of action and adventure and although at times seems a bit confusing in the story lines blend create a bit of nonsensical humor. There are some great one-liners and inspiration, although ant-sized pack a huge punch.

Ant-Man Movie Quips and Quotes:
1. Second chances don’t come around all that often.
2. It’s not about saving our world. It’s about saving THEIRS.
3. You’re different. Now, don’t let anyone tell you that you have nothing to offer.

Little Hero Ant-Man Full Trailer

Ant-Man may just not get any bigger for Marvel and Disney. Marvel is gambling on bringing out Ant-Man after such successes as Avengers Age of Ultron. They recently resurrected Daredevil on Netflix. Hopefully it will be better received than the original movie starring Ben Affleck was. Now a gamble with Ant-Man, one of Stan Lee’s heroes that many have never heard of. Gamble or not I am looking forward to it. The updated full trailer that was released today gives a bigger look into the little hero. Ant-Man played by Paul Rudd hits theatres July 17th. This trailer gives a bit more of the back story of Scott Lang aka Ant-Man. The film takes the life of a petty crook and transforms him into a tiny superhero. Not only are you introduced to Ant-Man but you will also get your first glimpse of the nemesis Yellow Jacket in action in the new trailer. Marvel has become known for their teasers both in the trailers and the movies themselves. This new trailer does not dissapoint. As someone that grew up reading Marvel comics, I cannot wait to see what they have in store next. View the new Ant-Man trailer here: How about you: Are you a Marvel movie fan? Will you check out Ant-Man in theatres? Would love to hear your thoughts on the trailer.