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Ways in Becoming an Authentic Christian Man

Ways in Becoming an Authentic Christian Man in today’s world. Becoming an Authentic Christian man and walking the path of righteousness with morals and values has become a long journey for many Christians to walk. There has been a great deal of discussion lately regarding the role of the Authentic Christian male in the family as well as the workplace.  We as men have persona, sometimes which turns to ego  to uphold when it comes to being a man.  There are many days spent in an internal battle between being a Christian and maintaining this perception  of being the guys guy that most of our friends are used to. We would like to think that our values and morals would easily stand out  the test of time.  As men we are bombarded daily by people and things that do not respect the walk we are on and try to derail us every step of the way. We are asked to do things in both the business world and within our own  relationships that force us to make unpopular decisions as Christians. As Christian men we walk a walk that many times ends up different from our coworkers,  friends and sometimes even family. We tend to have a more defined view of the world,  not one with blinders or tunnel vision as many think,  just one with a few less shades of grey.  Our sense of right and wrong comes across as a moral high road to others, yet  to us it is just a common path. Disappointments […]