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10,000 Steps has changed my life

10,000 Steps has changed my life.

Two years ago while listening to a podcast I heard about an exciting new book. If you’ve ever listened to a podcast you’ll know this is an excellent platform to launch a book.

The book “Eat Move Sleep” by Tom Rath. I was immediately intrigued by that title because at the time I was eating well. I wasn’t really moving and I wasn’t really sleeping.

I work at the U.S.P.S. on the night shift. I’ve worked there for six going on seven yeas and by now you would think I’d have my sleep pattern down. Wrong!!

As for moving I was working hard but sorting mail requires you to stand in one spot for up to four plus hours at a time. Not really moving around just swinging my arms to get mail to sort and stack tubs behind me.

Eating was what I was good at. I was eating four times that night and eating a meal before I left the house to go on my 30 minute drive one way commuting by car.

So if you haven’t figured it out yet. I was over eating. I wasn’t moving and I wasn’t sleeping well.

This author described all of this in this podcast. That next morning I bought the book and what an eye opening experience for me!

In the book it was recommended that everyone walk 10,000 steps a day. That’s around five miles give or take and to have at least 30 minutes of activity everyday.