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Where Will You Be in 40 Days?

Can you believe it, Lent is already upon us again. Today we prepare our hearts and minds for our 40-day journey. 40 days in the scheme of things is not that long, yet it sounds intimidating every year. We contemplate the past year as we decide what we will give up this year. My question for you is, did you give it up last year? I mean truth be told did you go without for 40 days? Or did you just do a little less of what you likely should not be doing anyway? I find it interesting how many people give up chocolate, soda, sugar, salt or social media for Lent. The first one will be a real test as valentine’s day comes after you already gave it up. What if instead of giving up, you gave UP? Click To Tweet I mean what if for the next 40 days you read scripture every day? Or perhaps did a 40 day devotional (likely a reason most devotionals are 40 days long huh?) Spending the next 40 days pressing into God’s word, where would you be in 40 days from now? I know some of you already read the Bible every day, how about adding 40 days of prayer then? You already do that? Then try doubling your efforts. When Jesus spent 40 days in the desert, he was not out there longing for chocolate. He spent his time in prayer and devotion. He prayed for you as he suffered. Perhaps we can follow his […]

Marywood, Local Hidden Treasure

Marywood is known to the local Catholic community as a place for retreats and retired priests. This retreat area in Switzerland, Florida is that and so much more.  Marywood Retreat Center also has opened a bed and breakfast on site. Beyond the spectacular views and serenity you will find God’s grace. Past all the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. On the banks of the St. Johns River lies a piece of heaven on earth. We stayed in the Fountain room, adorned with decorative drapes and ornate rugs. The pillow top king bed provided some much-needed tranquil sleep. The spacious room is rich in colors that feel like home. Comfortable chairs and a writing desk overlook the history below. There is a pool, tennis and basketball courts. Nature trails that weave through the campus of old trees. The bed and breakfast are nestled in the center of the retreat. Rooms each decorated with care and prayerfully attended. A small chapel overlooks the riverbank below. A dock stretches out into the sunset on the river. The weekend we stayed there was an engaged encounter and marriage retreat on site. Even with all the other people we never felt crowded or uptight. We were given full access to the retreat and all it’s offerings. We shared dinner on the back porch, taking in all the beauty. Spent time in the chapel reading scriptures together. Took a walk in the moonlight up to the church on site. Marywood has become such a peaceful getaway. I had heard of […]

His Pain Became Our Gain

On this Good Friday, I am reminded of a somber moment. A moment where His pain became our gain.
As his pierced hands were nailed to the cross. The spear lanced his side. Our salvation poured out onto the ground on that hill. He suffered a death that no one should endure in order to cleanse the earth of its sin and make us pure.
We are closing in on the end of our forty days of Lent, many of whom can barely hold on a couple more days. Yet He held on, his friends denied him and He still held on. He carried the burden of the worlds’ sin, yet He held on. Even in His dying, as He hung on the cross, He held onto each one of us in his heart.

~ 1 Peter 2:24
Have you died to yourself this Lenten season? Given up your sin and embraced a new relationship with your Father? He will rise again in three days and carry your burdens with Him. Did you give him your sin to take home?
As believers whether Christian or Catholics (not sure why there has been such a hoopla lately on the difference) we all sin regularly. We fail daily and are burdened to carry our own cross. During Lent we are asked to fast, pray and give alms as symbols of