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Ways in Becoming an Authentic Christian Man

Ways in Becoming an Authentic Christian Man in today’s world. Becoming an Authentic Christian man and walking the path of righteousness with morals and values has become a long journey for many Christians to walk. There has been a great deal of discussion lately regarding the role of the Authentic Christian male in the family as well as the workplace.  We as men have persona, sometimes which turns to ego  to uphold when it comes to being a man.  There are many days spent in an internal battle between being a Christian and maintaining this perception  of being the guys guy that most of our friends are used to. We would like to think that our values and morals would easily stand out  the test of time.  As men we are bombarded daily by people and things that do not respect the walk we are on and try to derail us every step of the way. We are asked to do things in both the business world and within our own  relationships that force us to make unpopular decisions as Christians. As Christian men we walk a walk that many times ends up different from our coworkers,  friends and sometimes even family. We tend to have a more defined view of the world,  not one with blinders or tunnel vision as many think,  just one with a few less shades of grey.  Our sense of right and wrong comes across as a moral high road to others, yet  to us it is just a common path. Disappointments […]

Becoming more than just another tool in the tool shed

  Picture yourself entering into you’re a large tool shed in the backyard gentlemen, you step inside and the smell of rust and sweat wafers out into the sunlight. You take a moment as your eyes adjust to the darkness within and you reach for the lone light bulb dangling from a rope in the middle of the shed. As the aged bulb flutters on and off as the filament heats up, your eyes adjust to the dimly lit shed. Within this old shed there are tools, tools on the walls hanging from pegs, tools leaning in all directions against the walls where they were left in a hurry. There are still more tools that have fallen off the aged hooks that lie on the floor in disarray. You search for the right tool that you need for the pressing job that is still on you honey-do-list. In the dim light, even as the bulb flickers above it is still difficult to see every part of the shed. You are forced to trust your instincts and remember back to the last time you used that tool where you may have put it as you fumble around in the darkness, tripping over the scattered tools on the floor. Finally you find the tool for the job, you breathe a sigh of relief and frustration at the mess you have left the old shed. You think to yourself that you really need to clean this mess up, but again it is left for another day. Imagine if […]

Why SecondIron – what is in the name

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 27:17 KJV As a man, a christian, a husband, a follower of one God, I have devoted my life to sharing the love of my lord, the humbleness of the cross and helping others any way that I can. SecondIron is based on the Iron concept that as Godly men, we cannot do it alone and we need other men (or iron) to sharpen us on our path as warriors for our families, communities and society. The Second is a blending of living second to Christ, the full acknowledgement that if we put God first in our lives everything from our family, friends, career, school, and everything around us will fall into place. I, like many of you come from a broken past and have a hopeful future. Instead of dreading each day as a burden that chains me, I treat each day a blessing that molds me. I am an avid reader and seeker of mentors and mentee. I live my life by sharing wisdom born from experience, both of my own and that of those that have come before me. It is my hope that through future musings, book reviews, music analysis, opinions and ultimately being open and honest with each other we will take many travels through our journey in becoming better followers. Becoming bigger inspirers and humble givers in our communities that begins the ripple in the fabric of humanity and leaves our world just a little better […]