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Do You Believe? Movie Review

Do You Believe takes 12 lives on separate paths that all converge at the foot of the cross.

Pure Flix films has once again made a movie to make Christians and non-Christians alike, evaluate and ask themselves the question “Do you Believe?” Undaunted by the reviews that came out earlier this week from the mainstream media, I took my family to see the movie. The theater as many Christian films these days was not that full. Disappointed but not surprised as many people would rather wait until these movies come out on DVD to watch them in the comfort of their own homes. Therefore they can believe in private.

Nonetheless, the movie began with a series of events that took the lives of 12 people and converged them toward the cross. There was the pastor (played by Ted McGinley) who is the thread that seems to bring all the lives together. He encounters a gentlemen Malachi(Delroy Lindo) in the street dragging a wooden cross, who challenges him in his belief in the cross. This chance encounter sets the story into motion, as the pastor encounters lives that are struggling.

The film is full of stars of years past that have performances that may bring them back to theatrical relevance. Brian Bosworth, known for his football career and movies like Stone Cold, plays a character my the name of Joe. A convict that is out on compassion leave as he is dying. His role intertwines with others in the movie, bringing others to decide if they