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Dumpster Diving Solution

In every city in America you can find dumpster diving. With the economy in shambles over the last few years, need has grown. More homeless people are searching for their next meal. Many cities struggle for a solution. Soup kitchens have become common in the urban core. Yet people still go hungry. Many are children, veterans and the elderly that get ignored. People ignore them, walk past then as if they were not there. We complain about them, yet do little to help. One restaurant owner in Oklahoma had a brilliant idea. Rather than turning a blind eye as many do. They opened their heart to their dumpster diving friend. The owner of P.B. Jams noticed someone  had been going  through their trash. Rather than putting a lock or gate around the dumpster to keep them out. The owner invited them in. Oklahoma City metro business leaves message for dumpster diver Imagine a world where  instead of pretending they are not there. Imagine if we all were compelled to feed them. It may not be practical for every restaurant to open their doors to the hungry. However they could all do better in how much food they waste. This also goes for every household in America. We waste more food in a week than many will see a month. So the next time you have left overs that you will just throw away. Rather than leaving it to be thrown in a dumpster. Why not box it up and give it to the hungry on […]