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Release the Healing Power of Forgiveness

When a patient learns they have an illness or disease, they look for ways to fight back. When we are struggling with failure and the ability to succeed, we look for ways to go to battle. Before we can truly move forward we sometimes have to look back.

Forgiveness is one weapon that we have to use yet many would rather leave it behind. We are embattled with struggles of self-worth and the emotional pain of our past we are unable to fight.

In the release of the pain, resentment, anger we break the chains that bind us. These chains could be from the way your father treated you as a child. Maybe you were betrayed by a friend or family member. You might be holding on to secrets of your own that are like a heavy weight around your neck. Perhaps your own decisions or lifestyle burden you.

Only you can break these chains. It may be through your faith in God, your healing Father that you can forgive. Absolution of your own wrongs through the healing power of repentance.

It may be someone else that you must forgive. Your own anger interferes with your forgiveness of them. Or you don’t believe that you hold the power to forgive because of your own sins.

Forgiving and being forgiven are two names for the same thing. The important thing is that a discord has been resolved. ~ C.S. Lewis

Broken relationships between families can be the hardest to mend. Many men struggle in their marriages and relationships due to the resentment they still carry towards their fathers. Women suffer from esteem issues, eating disorders and worse due to they were abused or mistreated by the men in their past.