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Monsters of Our Own Design

I am taking a short sabbatical so to speak as I wrap up my final semester in school. Don’t dismay I have enlisted some fantastic bloggers to stand in my place. I hope that you find them just as enlightening and entertaining as I have. The first of my guest bloggers is Nic Casey. So just who is Nic? Nic is a geek dad, a professional nerd, and a pop culture junkie. He is drawn to any conversation about music, movies, theater, architecture, comics, and theology. You can follow his thoughts about parenthood, corporate life, and the intersection between faith and pop culture at his blog, The Faithful Geek. You can also find him on Twitter and Instagram. Monsters of Our Own Design At a young age, I was drawn to mysterious topics from urban legends to cryptozoology. The subject of UFOs and aliens dominated a major writing project for school when I was ten. Even with my rational mind admitting a scientific explanation to Bigfoot sightings and Bermuda Triangle disappearances, I was still fascinated by the power of a story to influence and captivate so many people. That interest of mine expanded as I got older. It began to include more than just mythological and pseudo-scientific elements. I began looking at the monsters of classic literature and soon found joy in paranormal and supernatural fiction. By the time I was in junior high, I was reading works from popular authors who I believed had mastered the art of suspense: Michael Crichton, Stephen King, and […]