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The Top 5 Reasons To Keep A Journal (Guest Post)

In recent years, the art of journaling is making a resurgence into people’s daily lives.  No longer is it a pastime just for children or artistic types, now journals are becoming a popular tool for people to use in different ways. But if you are trying to figure out if a journal would be a good tool for you, here are the top five reasons I have found to keep a journal. The memories you make you will be able to remember. You will be amazed as you record your daily life how things progress over time.  Your daily routine may look very different years from now.  Relationships that are new today may grow in ways you never imagined in the future.  You can see how your priorities change and how your goals play out in life.  Plus, the simple moments in life that we tend to forget about, such as morning walks or jokes told at dinner, can bring a smile to your face when you read about them again years from now. You will be surprised as what you ‘say’ when you start to write your thoughts on paper. The process of writing out your thoughts freely in a journal, not stopping to ‘edit’ your words, is an incredible tool for thinking things through.  Not only is it useful for venting about your troubles, it is a great tool for getting your ideas on paper so that you can find a solution and plan for what to do next.  This process brings clarity, […]