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KeyBar EDC Key Organizer Review

Hear that jingle jangle in your pocket? Perhaps you startled the bird in the brush by the clang of your keys. As someone that carries a handful of keys, at least one knife and various other items, noise is an issue. KeyBar advertises that they will stop the noise and kill the clutter. A bit skeptical I ordered one to give it a shot, here are my thoughts on their EDC (everyday carry) product. When it arrived it came in a nice little tin stamped with their logo. Inside was a bunch of small screws, washers and the body of the bar. Box included: (1) KeyBar with removable titanium pocket clip (2) 1/2 in. screws (1 to 4 keys) (2) 3/4 in. screws (1 to 8 keys) (2) 7/8 in. screws (1 to 12 keys) (15) Washers (2) O-rings (allows you to adjust the tension to your liking) (1) Key fob link It took me a few attempts to assemble the parts along with most of my keys. The only key that I carried that did not fit was my truck key. That was okay as it was a bit of weight that would potentially damage my ignition. A couple of trials and errors, along with keys scattered on the ground. Finally I figured out the proper amount of torque to screw down the holder. I tightened it just enough where the keys would move but it would not come undone. To say I am impressed would be an understatement. My wife was the first to notice when we […]