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8 Ways Christians Make Good Leaders

What does being a ‘Christian Leader’ really mean? Does it mean that your values and honor are above reproach? Or maybe you just take the caring route to leadership and therefore that makes you soft. Being a Christian in a leadership role comes with its own sets often challenges that many might never realize. Here is why being a Christian in the workplace can be so difficult. We will be forced into uncomfortable situations that will challenge our own morals and values. The water cooler conversations will go silent when you walk in the room, the level of discomfort and awkwardness can be painful. Depending on how transparent you are with your faith, co-workers will avoid you like the plague, not because they don’t like you, they just don’t want to associate with the Christian. Unless you work for Chik-fil-a, a Christian bookstore, Hobby Lobby or another known Christian company your cross will become heavy to carry to work everyday. Here are some ways that everyone will know you are a Christian Leader in the workplace Recognizes and applauds the values of others – Many leaders will commend a job well done or great teamwork. A Christian will not only give credit where it is due, they will also invest in building the person up. They will publicly acknowledge the sacrifices of others and honestly give the accolades deserved to the individual or team. Has above average character – whether work is busy or slow the leader remains to the job. They believe in honesty […]

7 Ways of Being a Christian Leader

Christians are thought of as followers not leaders that many times hide in the shadows. Today there seems to be a great deal of focus on leadership and  Christianity. Preachers like  Derwin Gray, Andy Stanley and even the great Billy Graham they all have a similar message.  Regardless whether they are preaching from the pulpit or at a conference, they all focus on the need for leaders. The church and Christianity as a whole are under attack and needs leaders to step up and fight.  There is a problem though even though we as Christians are natural leaders, many would rather sit in the pews praying for change.  We can no longer stand by and let our faith be silenced. You were made for more than this, you were born to be a  leader and here is how I know. 1.) Jesus led his Disciples who in turn led the Church – We were destined to lead as followers of Christ it is our birthright.  Priests and Preachers cannot do this alone they want and need the support of the Church.  Everyone remembers the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) that we wore on our bracelets and clothes.. now it is time to answered that question. 2.) We are the Hands and Feet : In order to spread the gospel and be the Christians we claim to be we must be the hands and feet of the Church.  By being the hands and feet we lead other to Christ through our daily words and actions. 3.) Advisers […]

Becoming a Leader by Living Second

Becoming a Leader by Living Second takes the faithful following and serving of others first… Many of us think that in order to be a leader we must also carry a title.  Titles in fact mean very little in the business world as they no longer garnish you with guaranteed respect or esteem they once may have. We all know someone in our life that carries a title of manager or lead yet could not find their way out of a wet paper sack. Leadership requires others to become followers, not followers in the sense that they worship the ground you walk on per se hang on every word you might speak.  Followers as in those that look to you for guidance, as a decision maker and one that will steer them straight. Many times a leader is the quiet one that sits in the back of the room.  They may even be the sarcastic one that comes across a bit callous or rude.  These are the people who know exactly where they are going, they reek of confidence and whether they like it or not (usually not at least at first) they make others want to follow wherever they might be going. The silence exudes authority and intelligence and the sarcasm a quick wit and raw honesty.  We all know who these leaders are, sometimes long before they ever do. Although they may shirk titles and wish to remain anonymous, their morals, values and character generally shine through. When you are at peace with your […]