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Two Lessons in Leadership

Two Lessons in Leadership that any leader should learn. One of the first lessons we learn in becoming a leader is the skill of eye contact. Eye contact is something that everyone should learn but few practice. There is power in the eyes of the beholder. The one that can maintain eye contact usually wins. I am not suggesting that we have staring contests with everyone we meet. That would just be creepy and make others uncomfortable. However when you introduce yourself to someone look them in the eye. Someone that cannot provide eye contact automatically I think they have something to hide. If you don’t look me in the eye you will likely not earn my business or trust. Trust is what earns business and eye contact garners trust. I find it awkward when you are talking to someone and they look everywhere else but at you. That can make someone feel insecure like they have something in their teeth or worse. It is also distracting and causes the appearance of disinterest. There is a level of eye-contact that is sufficient as well. It is a bit unnerving when someone locks eyes for minutes at a time, even after you looked away. I had a conversation with a co-worker earlier this week that I swear they had eye lock for the entire conversation. So as with anything else, moderation is a key element. This also applies to complete strangers that pass each other by. I have noticed that rather than eye contact the majority […]