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Sharpening Iron to Live Second

Leading with Excellence and Purpose

True men that lead, do so with character, honor and values that are visible.  Whether they be a visionary that sits on a board of a non-profit, a minister or priest leading a local church, a small business owner leading a few, a father or husband leading his family.  Whatever your role is you must take charge and lead with compassion as well as courage. Many of us I am sure have had the experience working for or with people who lack moral character and the ability to lead.  Those people who may have the title of manager, supervisor, or even father yet are paralyzed by fear and could not make a decision if their own lives depended upon it. They may not be the obvious responsibility shirking weasels we all know so well.  They can also come in the form of unorganized mutterers that rely on other people to force them into a decision.  They can be the guy down the street that talks about all the things he wants to do to improve the neighborhood yet always is away on business on beautification day.  Or the guy at church that talks about how things need to change but is never willing to give up watching Football to help out at church. In a world that is faced with morality issues that cannot depend upon the people who are currently leading the charge, we need men that will step up.  Men that have morals, values, are God-fearing, and wife loving men. Men that will […]

Why SecondIron – what is in the name

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 27:17 KJV As a man, a christian, a husband, a follower of one God, I have devoted my life to sharing the love of my lord, the humbleness of the cross and helping others any way that I can. SecondIron is based on the Iron concept that as Godly men, we cannot do it alone and we need other men (or iron) to sharpen us on our path as warriors for our families, communities and society. The Second is a blending of living second to Christ, the full acknowledgement that if we put God first in our lives everything from our family, friends, career, school, and everything around us will fall into place. I, like many of you come from a broken past and have a hopeful future. Instead of dreading each day as a burden that chains me, I treat each day a blessing that molds me. I am an avid reader and seeker of mentors and mentee. I live my life by sharing wisdom born from experience, both of my own and that of those that have come before me. It is my hope that through future musings, book reviews, music analysis, opinions and ultimately being open and honest with each other we will take many travels through our journey in becoming better followers. Becoming bigger inspirers and humble givers in our communities that begins the ripple in the fabric of humanity and leaves our world just a little better […]