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What a Huge Retreat at Mountain Harbor Inn

We continued our journey of the Tennessee mountains.

Winding down Lookout Mountain after our stay at the Garden Walk Bed & Breakfast we headed east, well northeast. Opposite of our final destination to another secret getaway hidden in the hills.

As like many places we were not due for check-in until 3 PM. Having some time on our hands we decided to make the most of our journey.
Our first off the track destination was for some Mayfield ice cream at the Mayfield Dairy in Athens, TN. We had picked up a brochure on it the day before in Chattanooga. Driving several miles down the back roads of Tennessee we finally made it. “Closed to the Public”, my heart sank and hunger pangs filled its place. Well no Mayfield ice cream today it seemed as we turned and headed back to the highway.

A few more miles down the road were signs for a Sweetwater Valley Farm, another dairy farm that offered daily tours. We decided to give it a shot, driving again out of our way. After a few miles back in the hills we found acres of dairy farm filling the valley.
We tasted some fresh cheeses and even some elk sausage. Walked around and checked out the sites of the farm. The next guided tour was too long a wait so we did a self guided Udderstory tour. Full of cheese curds and Mayfield ice cream (they sold it there) we headed back on the road.

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