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5 Leadership Lessons Learned from Kevin Durant

There are some leadership lessons that can be learned from Kevin Durant’s MVP acceptance speech. Kevin Durant was just named the NBA MVP – In a matter of a few minutes he shows all of us how to be a MVP leader in just over 7 minutes he exemplified what being a servant leader means and set an example we could all try to follow. 1. Share the credit and spotlight with others – As a basketball player  he could have made the MVP award all about himself, yet  he gave all credit to God and his teammates and never once made the award about himself.   As part of any team we are only as successful as those that we lead.  In moments of triumph a leader is best to be humble and gracious and acknowledge their teammates. 2.  Publicly Honor and commend the sacrifice of others– He stresses about how his team sacrifices for him and how they would run through walls for him.  He expresses his gratitude for their actions both on and off the court that motivated and inspired him to be his best. Will your team sacrifice for you and you for them? 3. Always thank those that help you succeed (especially your mom) – He gave most of the credit to the real MVP in his life, his mom who had sacrificed for him and his brother to get them where they are. He played the heart-strings a bit when he talked about moving into their first apartment that had nothing in […]