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Please take my first 2015 annual Blog Survey

Blessed SecondIron Readers, I am humbly coming to you to ask for your honest feedback on SecondIron’s Blog, so that I may serve you better. In order for me to serve you better, we need to get to know one another a bit. By learning your interests and style will allow me to provide relevant content over the upcoming year. In order for us to have this conversation I have created this 2015 Annual Blog Survey. I wish we could meet over a nice cup of java and chat awhile (option open to anyone that would like to stop by my hometown). In the meantime a few questions and a couple of minutes of your time will help out immensely. SecondIron’s Blog has been around for just over a year and a hundred or so posts. In that time I have shared some of my faith walk, books reviews, movies and more. In order to ensure that I continue providing the information and content you want our little chat will be valuable. The results are anonymous so please be honest as the community can only improve if we are all in the discussion. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts, filling out the quick survey and that cup of coffee if you so choose (my treat). Best regards and blessings, Charles Johnston

Year in Review (Top 9 Posts of 2014)

Over the past year I have taken my readers through a varied journey. We have traveled from middle earth, to the gridiron and beyond. I have shared stories with the homeless, both pets and people. We have set goals, shared tips and grown together through the year. It is my honor to share this year in review with you. As the New year closes in I wanted to share some highlights of 2014. These are a handful of 90+ posts from the past year. Of these posts they have been read in over 80 countries from around the world. Thousands of readers like you have encouraged me over the past year to continue to write. First and foremost ‘Thank You’ to each and every one of you, without you there would be no year in review. Here are the top nine posts determined by count of readers like you. I look forward to continuing to serve and share with you in 2015. 1. Dreams Fail when we Procrastinate:  Dreams fail when we procrastinate and wait for the right time to come to decide. Failed again, yep that’s right that really good deal that would change everything, well you missed it. Dragged my feet thinking I would do it tomorrow, yet tomorrow is here and the deal is gone. As dreamer I think the saying goes “if you build they will come”, not just because you thought about it will it happen. read more   2. Why Men are Leaving Church Church leaders everywhere are scrambling to […]

Christ in a Rain Coat

It had been raining for two days straight with the New Year upon us and the coldest weather of the season moving in, all anyone wanted was to get home.  I walked my normal route out of the office to my truck, letting the day’s events fall out of my mind so I did not bring them home.  As I started to turn towards the lot where my truck sat waiting peacefully for me to get in out of the rain, something no someone caught my eye. He walked towards me in the rain, slowly, as if he was unsure whether to cross my path, turn down the side street or even turn around.  Instantly, as I have many times in the past in our city my mind started to prejudge, thinking of ways to avoid eye contact much less conversation, where is my wallet is it secure, I am out here by myself with this guy, what should I do?  Then it happened as it has many times before; he raised his head from under his rain jacket and with eyes full of hurt and pain asked me “can you help me?’” By general rule, I do not give to people on the street, at least not money for we all know where that goes right?  For some reason this time felt different, I casually replied, “Sure, let me see how much I have in my truck”.  He followed behind me, not too close to be intrusive, but enough to make known that he […]