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What are 5 ways you can guard your reading

What to do when you read something that angers you. Eventually you will, if you have not already read something that get’s you fired up. It may be an article on bad behavior, poor politics, or some other form of moral indecency that gets you riled up. There is good news on how to handle these situations, you no longer have to succumb to the moral indignation that society forces upon us. Here some steps on guarding what you read, possibly make a difference and recover your day from reading something horrible. 1.) Position -Put yourself in the position, would you have handled things differently? Rewrite the story in your mind with a better ending. 2.) Research – Read the article, are the facts true, is there something you can do to make a change? If there is then create a plan and act to turn the tide. 3.) Recover – Read something upbeat, positive and inspirational, that way the fresh memories in your mind are pleasant and comforting. 4.) Talk – We tend to dwell and complain, and focus on the negatives. There are many others that think just the way that you do and can be a great resource and sounding board to discuss both good and bad writings. 5.) Focus – Spend time with the good news there is plenty of garbage out there as that is what sells. Change your reading habits, get away from the headlines, start improving your mind rather than infesting it. We all know that bad news […]