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My Year in Review (2015)

We are coming to the end of another life changing year. When I look back over the past twelve months of 2015, it has been quite a journey for us all. As I reflect back over 2015 I have already started to lean forward into 2016. Nothing happens without a plan, and it looks like it will be another amazing year for the record books just as this past year has been. Before I get too far ahead it is best to take stock in the humbling events that 2015 brought us through. I wrote about a hundred blog posts, had numerous guest bloggers join me and share their stories along the way. Thousands more readers visited my blog this year versus last, and many of you have commented and shared your thoughts. I was humbled throughout the year as you shared the posts with your friends and family both in person and on social media. You joined me as I traveled to Haiti on my first mission trip, and supported me as I fought writers block as I wrote my first book. You were by my side as I finally graduated college and faced numerous fears and obstacles. Without you, my readers none of this would matter, better yet much would likely never have happened. As we close out the year I simply want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to sharing more of my story with you and, in turn, hearing about yours in the months and […]

Please take my first 2015 annual Blog Survey

Blessed SecondIron Readers, I am humbly coming to you to ask for your honest feedback on SecondIron’s Blog, so that I may serve you better. In order for me to serve you better, we need to get to know one another a bit. By learning your interests and style will allow me to provide relevant content over the upcoming year. In order for us to have this conversation I have created this 2015 Annual Blog Survey. I wish we could meet over a nice cup of java and chat awhile (option open to anyone that would like to stop by my hometown). In the meantime a few questions and a couple of minutes of your time will help out immensely. SecondIron’s Blog has been around for just over a year and a hundred or so posts. In that time I have shared some of my faith walk, books reviews, movies and more. In order to ensure that I continue providing the information and content you want our little chat will be valuable. The results are anonymous so please be honest as the community can only improve if we are all in the discussion. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts, filling out the quick survey and that cup of coffee if you so choose (my treat). Best regards and blessings, Charles Johnston