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KeyBar EDC Key Organizer Review

Hear that jingle jangle in your pocket? Perhaps you startled the bird in the brush by the clang of your keys. As someone that carries a handful of keys, at least one knife and various other items, noise is an issue. KeyBar advertises that they will stop the noise and kill the clutter. A bit skeptical I ordered one to give it a shot, here are my thoughts on their EDC (everyday carry) product. When it arrived it came in a nice little tin stamped with their logo. Inside was a bunch of small screws, washers and the body of the bar. Box included: (1) KeyBar with removable titanium pocket clip (2) 1/2 in. screws (1 to 4 keys) (2) 3/4 in. screws (1 to 8 keys) (2) 7/8 in. screws (1 to 12 keys) (15) Washers (2) O-rings (allows you to adjust the tension to your liking) (1) Key fob link It took me a few attempts to assemble the parts along with most of my keys. The only key that I carried that did not fit was my truck key. That was okay as it was a bit of weight that would potentially damage my ignition. A couple of trials and errors, along with keys scattered on the ground. Finally I figured out the proper amount of torque to screw down the holder. I tightened it just enough where the keys would move but it would not come undone. To say I am impressed would be an understatement. My wife was the first to notice when we […]

An App That Helps Build Community: Nextdoor

Unless you are still using a flip phone like a few people I may be related to; you likely have a smartphone and use its apps. An app is an application, one that likely has an icon on either your home screen or extended menu. Some apps are small software programs that run on your phone. Other apps are nothing more than a cute shortcut to a mobile site. Recently I was introduced to a relatively new app by accident. Late one night our new neighbor’s dog escaped. While we were helping him look for his dog, he introduced himself, handed me a piece of paper that had information about signing up for an app called Nextdoor. He briefly explained how it worked in his previous neighborhood in situations just like the one we were in. I had heard of Next door a couple of times previously and not paid it much mind. A few days past and I pulled out the now crumpled paper and decided to investigate a bit further. Next door is a social networking app that is all about your local community. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others it is an app that is developed for real relationships. To reach the application’s potential, once you sign up, you need to invite others to join. A caveat to that is you only can invite people that live in your local area, in your neighborhood. You can find the Nextdoor app in either your Google Play store on Android or the App Store for […]