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Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

My mornings used to be a stressful time of the day. After my feet hit the floor, I stretch out all the kinks and sore muscles from sleep the night before. Let my dogs out to go potty and my cat in from his nightly scampers. I would sit down in front of my laptop to catch up on the world that I missed while I slept. I open up my Outlook (email service in Windows for you Mac users) while it was loading I pull up my Facebook feed. Between all the terrible lies being sold as the truth on the interwebs and the spam in my inbox, I would get lost chasing rabbits down the information highway. I receive hundreds of emails daily because at some point I bought what they were selling. I thought it mattered to them if I did, so I did. If you are anything like I am you have spent most of your life saying ‘yes.’ I bought products I have never used. Have ebooks in will never read and still am bombarded with emails I never had the heart to unsubscribe. I even have a timeshare that we barely have time to use because I could not say ‘no.’ (Willing to sell if you are interested) I spent so much time clicking yes that it became a habit for the rest of my life. For many years I was a yes man, I would take the path of least resistance and say yes to everyone. After years […]