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The Next Big Thing is Here

So I am sure you have heard by now about the ‘Next Big Thing’ that was coming to stores near you this month.

I decided to bite and look into the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with my phone carrier T-Mobile. The phone officially hits their shelves today. I like many people did not wait and ran to the nearest store last weekend to pre-order mine. I have now had mine in my hands for a couple of days now. All I can really say is, I am glad I did not wait!

Keeping in mind that I upgraded using the JUMP program with T-Mobile, moving from the Galaxy S3 to the S6 Edge was a leap. Now I will say that the appearance of the G6 Edge is like night and day in comparison. It is sleek and responsive, and although the phone is bigger it does not feel bulky. One beautiful feature that made the transfer virtually flawless was using the Samsung Smart Switch App. By turning the NFC on for both phones and tapping the backs together they synced and transferred the files from my S3 to the S6 via Bluetooth flawlessly.

Obviously comparisons will vary depending on what kind of phone you currently have. However I did show it to an apple iPhone user and his first response was ‘Oh wow’. Also showed it to a couple of other people who have different makes and they too were keenly interested. I will say personally the fast responsive interface and the capability