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What a Huge Retreat at Mountain Harbor Inn

We continued our journey of the Tennessee mountains.

Winding down Lookout Mountain after our stay at the Garden Walk Bed & Breakfast we headed east, well northeast. Opposite of our final destination to another secret getaway hidden in the hills.

As like many places we were not due for check-in until 3 PM. Having some time on our hands we decided to make the most of our journey.
Our first off the track destination was for some Mayfield ice cream at the Mayfield Dairy in Athens, TN. We had picked up a brochure on it the day before in Chattanooga. Driving several miles down the back roads of Tennessee we finally made it. “Closed to the Public”, my heart sank and hunger pangs filled its place. Well no Mayfield ice cream today it seemed as we turned and headed back to the highway.

A few more miles down the road were signs for a Sweetwater Valley Farm, another dairy farm that offered daily tours. We decided to give it a shot, driving again out of our way. After a few miles back in the hills we found acres of dairy farm filling the valley.
We tasted some fresh cheeses and even some elk sausage. Walked around and checked out the sites of the farm. The next guided tour was too long a wait so we did a self guided Udderstory tour. Full of cheese curds and Mayfield ice cream (they sold it there) we headed back on the road.

Just another click or so was

Visit to a Garden on top the Mountains

For someone from Florida the hills of Tennessee can seem to be mountains.

A little over a week I journeyed to Tennessee to a highly anticipated conference. Rather than driving many hours straight there I decided we would take our time along the way. Sometimes it is the journey more than the destination you know.

After spending the night in Perry, GA for my cousins’ wedding we headed north to Tennessee. Only a few hours away I had found a place on top of Lookout Mountain to stay. Sight unseen beyond their website, I was nervous to find a bed and breakfast on the mountainside.

White knuckled I drove up the side of the mountain (not really but the hill took concentration for this Florida boy). Winding roads and narrow turn up the mountain we drove. My wife enjoyed the scenery as I watched the road. Memories of my visit as a child flooded my mind as I tried not to look over the side.

Tired from all the down shifting we arrived at our evening stay. Tucked away in the midst of trees was the The Garden Walk Bed & Breakfast Inn.
We were welcomed by the hostess as we checked in. She graciously upgraded our room from a queen to a king as I left my gift card behind. We were led back among the bungalows to our stay for the night.

After unloading we took in the sites of Ruby Falls and ate dinner in downtown Chattanooga. We walked the longest

Why We Love Ships (And You Should, Too!)

The face that launched a thousand ships had nothing on those that love ships in Franklin. TN.

Everyone loves maritime themes right? Well besides those that get sea sick or are scared of the water. Ship wheel with a blank editable center area boat and ship steering wheel as a nautical control design element and symbol of direction and guidance by a boating captain or director on a yacht or ocean water vessel leading the vessel to safe waters, love ships

This past weekend I personally found out the difference between dipping your toe in the water and launching out into the wild blue yonder. Spending the weekend with around a hundred and fifty other dreamers and builders launching many dreams out to sea. There were authors, bloggers, pop makers and coloring book creators. From perfectly brewed Liquid Hustle to Moon-pies galore. So many entrepreneurs with dreams and aspirations and big hairy audacious goals.

Now I have been to many conferences in the past so I thought I knew what to expect. I mean how awkward could it be to shake hands, or better yet hug a hundred or so people you never met in person right?

What I should have done is tossed my presumptions out to sea with the empty barrels of coffee beans. Like a ship without a rudder I was welcomed into a fleet of skilled sailors.

What better way to open up the event with a picnic in the vineyards of the local winery. Over tables of food and Red and