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Does Your Church Make You Uncomfortable?

Ever wonder if you spend too much time at church? Before I have pastors and priests clamoring to silence me let me explain the question a bit. Many people myself included feel that going to church means the obligatory Sunday mass and maybe a Wednesday night all depending. There is nothing wrong with this model and many parishes spend a great deal of money to make you comfortable when you attend.  Instead of  church being held where people may gather. We build great buildings, shrines which invite people to come inside however, is that where we are called to be? Comfortable pews, great worship music,  a dynamic preacher and likely air conditioning of some sort sounds like church right? Is this is a place that will get you to be uncomfortable while providing coffee and donuts?  Probably not. Are you excited to go serve your community when you leave church or to get home and watch the game? Click To Tweet Imagine attending church outside on a mountain top. Maybe in a field with hundreds of your best friends. Perhaps church is on the beach at daybreak as you baptize one another in the vast ocean. Does not really sound like the church you know does it? Where two or more are gathered as long as they are comfortable, not sure that’s how I read it. I don’t believe Jesus asked John to meet him six weeks from now after we meet with the high priest so you can then pour a little water on […]