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Why I Wanna Be Like Mike

Men today need role models to help set our sites on success. Sometimes these role models are found in unusual places and circumstances. In the world today we will take any and all we can find. Remember the commercials featuring brown-haired Mikey, where he liked his LIFE cereal. The “Mikey Likes It” commercials if shown today would probably go ‘viral’. Then there were the commercials featuring Michael Jordan. “I wanna be like Mike” became one of the biggest slogans of all time. Everyone wanted to be like Mike. If this were the case today. Well we would all be running around in tag-less tighty-whiteys and t-shirts. With all the political and civil unrest lately. The violence in our communities around the country that has brought Lady Liberty to her knees. We search for answers and a need for understanding. The Michael Brown tragedy has become a pinnacle of civil unrest around the country. The racial divide has become a chasm in a matter of weeks. We have had looting and rioters in our streets. This tragedy among others recently has brought about anger and animosity. Anyone looking in from the outside could assume we are a country destined for self-destruction. We look to our leadership for guidance and yet instead they take sides. Rather than dealing with the core problems we face our own genocide. A country built on the backbone of faith needs to rebuild upon its foundation. Few words of wisdom that I came across that may provide some answers. “Dirty Jobs” mogul and now star in […]