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10 Real Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day

Love Never Fails, valentine

A couple of days from now most men will be scrambling around to get to the local florist and Hallmark store to make their wives day special.  As a married man we dread this day more and more each year as we always feel the pressure to outdo last year’s festivities much less anyone else that our wives may know that might embarrass our feeble attempts at ingenuity.

This is not to say that Valentine’s Day is not a special day that we should express our undying love for our wives; then again shouldn’t we as Christian men be doing that every day?

We are taught throughout scripture (repeatedly) that we should love our wives, neighbors, enemies and well anyone that may ever cross our path right?  Nowhere does it say “men buy your wife a box of chocolate, ridiculously expensive flowers and a card to express your love to her.”

Granted that probably sounded a bit blasphemous to those that don’t know any better and think that they are remiss if jewelry, flowers and chocolate are not bought (preferably before the day of gentlemen) for Valentine’s Day to be special.

Valentine’s Day originally started out as a liturgical celebration of one of the early Christian saints, Valentinus(Saint Valentine).   It has also been associated with a Roman festival that involved sacrificing goats and dogs and then flogging women with the skins of the sacrifice.  It was not until the time of Geoffery Chaucer that Valentines was associated with love, cupid and the sort.

He Loved us First, valentine

So gentlemen this day has not always been the days of joy and happiness and sharing of love in the form of a cheesy card bought last-minute at the grocery store.

There are however ways that you can make this and possibly any other day of the year, one to remember and treasure with your wife.  This is not to say you should disregard financing Hallmark and FTD for the next year, these are just alternatives that might mean more.

1. Pray With and Over Your Wife 
This is important men, we need to be the spiritual leaders within our families even if that means a few minutes of awkward discomfort as you share your heart with your wife and God.
2. Take a Load Off  
Many of us have the luxury of our wives taking care of us and our needs throughout the year.  Take a moment not only today but each day to help her with dinner, the dishes, laundry, whatever it may be.
3. Thank Her for Being Her 
This goes hand in hand with #2; we become complacent as men and take for granted all that our wives do.  A simple ‘thank you’ or even a hand written note can go a long way.
4. Do What She Wants
We are so used to being the decision makers at work that we bring it home and leave our wives voiceless.  Take a moment ask her genuinely what she would like to do and then actually do it.  If that means taking dance lessons, going to a spa, watching a chick flick, whatever … do it she is worth it.
5. Cook Instead of Order 
Anyone can pick up a menu or use Open Table to make a dinner reservation. Make her night by coming up with and cooking her dinner.  That means you go to the grocery store and get all you need guys don’t just add it to her list.
6. Do Something New Together 
This may involve getting out of your comfort zone and off the couch.  Take her to a wine tasting, an art gallery, a pottery class whatever.  Be original and be in the moment when you do it guys, that means no cell phones.
7. Be Stewards Together 
Many times we choose to donate or participate in charity events or fundraisers without consulting our wives.  Find a charity event that means something to her and take her for a night out enjoying what is near and dear to her.
8. Do It Big 
If you decide to get her flowers, deliver them yourself to her work, dressed in a tux or suit.  Instead of a simple Hallmark card, do a singing telegram that she will talk about for years.  Think outside the box and be crazy and creative, women love that when we do.
9. PDA is Okay
 Many men panic and become uncomfortable showing public displays of affection, get over it.  Hold her hand in public, kiss her in public, and hug her in public. Do not be embarrassed or ashamed of the love you have for your wife (within reason of course).
10. Love Her as You are Loved 
Read the Bible men, it is very clear as to how we are to love our wives.  While you are at it; try reading the Bible with your wife and discussing it together.

This list is in no way comprehensive, but should provide a good start for you to find new and different ways to not only celebrate Valentine’s Day with your wife, but also celebrate your wife all year-long.  Have the confidence to go against the grain and be a little crazy this Valentine’s Day, you will be glad you did.

My wife and I will be attending a fundraiser dinner and gala being put on by to help build a school and orphanage in Haiti with special guest Ken Bevel from the movies Courageous and Fireproof.

 What will you do to make your Valentine’s Day this year one to remember?




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  1. Great post, Charles. Hope it gets read by many.

    1. cjohnstonjax

      Thank you Anne, I can only wish the same and hopefully some take it to heart. Thanks for your comments.