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2015 Reader Survey Results as Provided by You

Let me just start out by saying, my readers are incredible. I am truly blown away and humbled by the responses to my annual reader survey. The survey results are in and I would like to share some of the thoughts with you.

2015 Reader Survey Results as Provided by You

Those of you that took the time to answer know what was up for grabs, the prize package and the winner of the prize package will be announced later in this post. Before we get to all that excitement, let me share some of the awesome things you guys and gals said that will help me mold the 2016 blogging year. For time and well consideration for you, my readers I will be providing only some of the comments as well as some interesting statistics.

So here we go, for the 2015 Reader Survey Results as provided by you.

  • What is the gender of my readers?

This was a close one
Female 52.63%
Male 47.37

  • How often do you visit SecondIron’s Blog?

Every time I receive the email from subscription -23.08%

Whenever I get around to it -10.26%

Every once in a while but not regularly – 41.03%

This is my first time just to join the contest -17.95%

Only when a topic is of interest -7.69%

  • What would you like to see changed in 2016 for SecondIron’s Blog?
    • Leadership posts for a slightly younger audience.
    • Content geared toward men.
    • Catholic perspective on things.
    • More personality.
    • More faith-filled, God inspired prayers that have been answered.
  • Something you could do without?
    • Less super-Catholic posts – I respect my Catholic brethren, but I usually avoid the “Catholics are best” posts.
    • Write what’s on your heart. That’s all that matters.
    • Religion, but that’s not going to happen, right?
    • Have enjoyed every blog – keep everything in!
    • Just started reading
  • Something new you would like to see?
    • Search bar.
    • Enjoyed hearing from some of your fellow bloggers and their realization of God working in every moment of their lives!
    • A new picture of you on your site. That one doesn’t really look like you.
    • More perceptions by you – how do you experience the world – while the world is experiencing you.
    • I’m serious about those lumberjacks….(requested in a previous question as well)
  • What topic is of most interest?
    • Leadership -28.57%
    • Lifestyle – 28.57%
    • Product Reviews – 0.00%
    • Faith – 37.14%
    • Other – 5.71%
  • How did you find SecondIron’s Blog? (Facebook and Word of mouth are where my money is at for 2016)
    • Facebook Feed Link – 70.59%
    • Twitter Feed Link – 2.94%
    • Pinterest Picture link – 0.00%
    • Instagram Link – 0.00% 0
    • Google Plus – 0.00%
    • From a friend or family member – 26.47%
  • What do you like most about SecondIron’s Blog?
    • Transparency of the author
    • Love the writing style & faith-inspired messages.
    • Your honesty. The way you convey a story.
    • I like Charles – (I do too most days)
    • An insight into the writer’s feelings.
  • What blog post(s) interested you the most over the past year?
    • The ones about the travels to Haiti
    • Loved the message & story of the mountain climber who should have “cut the rope.”
    • How to sleep better as an entrepreneur and the we all need ships, but all the blogs were great.
    • Due to time restraints, I don’t read a ton but I listen to podcast all the time in the car. Generally leadership and life stuff. (Oh you just wait, a podcast might just be in your future!)
    • Ones that made me grow in my faith.
  • Any suggestions on how the blog can be improved in 2016?
    • Less posts on Catholic-specific topics. There were so many lately that I thought about un-following it.
    • Honestly, I really like what you’re doing right now. I also love that you engaged the D&B group. I would suggest you do this sort of thing quarterly. It raises awareness to what you’re doing, I can’t remember all the posts from the last year to pick from…lol and you might gain new followers, ask them to pick one post and share it with their friends 🙂 Love your work!!
    • Can you still say as much impactful lay with fewer words? Your blogs are long and people are busy maybe your readership would be great if each one were shorter. Consider.
    • Show yourself even more. Be very transparent. It’s how we all connect to you. You are a wonderful writer!
    • Each article continues to improve, so keep your nose to the grindstone.
  • If I were to write a book, would you be interested in previewing it before anyone else?
    • The overwhelming response was a resounding ‘Yes’, so stay tuned!

That is it, well most of it, rather than bore you with repeated answers as well as some well not so clean, nonsensical ones, I think you get the overall Survey Resultsidea. Apparently I should tone down my Catholic faith, keep writing about faith and well you get the idea. Like with anything, everyone has an opinion, and these as well as those I did not publish, are valuable information going forward. Again, thank you all that were gracious enough to answer these vital questions. Even more so thank you to each and every one of my readers now, in the past and in the future. To each of you, I owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude.

Speaking of which, for the moment we have all been waiting for, for those that followed the instructions and agreed to provide their name and email address they were entered into a random drawing for a prize package. The prize package as I described would contain a $25 Amazon gift card, among other items of my choosing. The random winner is… Congratulations S. Cuzzo – You will be receiving an email shortly with more information) Thank you for participating and I look forward to sharing with one another in 2016 and beyond.




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