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5 Steps in Achieving Your Dreams

Ever over hear someone sharing their dream just to have someone else snuff it out before it even gets started?

This happened to me and it got me to thinking, what would I do if someone stole my thunder and rained on my parade before the floats and balloons made it to the street.  I overheard a conversation between someone who I greatly respect and consider a mentor and a complete stranger.  She was pleading her case and what caught my attention was when she said “it just takes one spark, I am not sure why everyone is so quick to snuff it out.”

Songs have been sung, books written, movies produced, even in my own city there is a now annual event called ‘One Spark’ and yet in a matter of minutes someone’s dream get squashed underfoot.  I am not saying that every great idea is a good idea or every good idea is a great one, but without them there would not be too many entrepreneurs, inventors or even bloggers for that matter.


There are some basic steps that any dreamer can take to achieve their dream.

It is YOUR dream not theirs – they may think the idea is silly or will never work, they do not have the vested interest you do.  In addition it is your passion alone that will see this dream through, you came up with it, have lost sleep over it.  You own your dream, just because someone else thinks it is silly that may just be they don’t share the same vision.  Imagine if the Wright brothers believed when they were told they would never fly  Scientific American published an article in January 1905 that wondered why Santa Clause hadn’t yet found out about the miraculous invention.” 

If you build it they will come – sometimes the idea of the dream is just that an idea.  Some people need tangible proof of the concept before they can get on board.  This can be in the form of a prototype, established funding, a business plan, whatever the proof is that shows that it is not just smoke and mirrors.  If memory serves there was a baseball diamond built out in a corn field that no one was ever going to play on as well.

They didn’t think of it so it is ridiculous – some people well, God bless them, they just lack all vision and common sense.  These are the type where unless they thought of it the idea must be ‘ridiculous’ and ‘will never work.’  These are the same people who will want in on your success and claim that they somehow had a part in it so be very careful around these family members, I mean people.

If you believe you can achieve – nowhere is it written that there are many dreams that are impossible, if that were the case then we probably would have never walked on the moon. Granted we need to be realistic and recognize lofty aspirations versus reality, but then again you get enough people drinking your lemonade you can move mountains.

Let them tell you No – anyone that is in sales can tell you the more times you are told ‘No’ the closer you are to getting your ‘Yes.’  This can be attributed to pitching an idea to a local crowd funder, bank, parents or spouse.  We have all been told no throughout our lives, it is those that continue to push past the ‘no’ until they get a ‘yes’ that become successful.  So let’s bring on those no’s with open arms. How many times were you told ‘no’ before you got what you have today, whether it be a job, spouse, dream no matter rejection is part of life and makes the journey all that more rewarding.

There are many other ideas that I am sure you can come up with to achieving your dreams and I welcome you to share them with all the other dream seekers out there in the comments below.


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Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

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