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5 Things Every Graduate Needs

Another school year is coming to a close. Many students are graduating from college this month. Many will be running out into the streets with eyes wide open full of ambition. 5 Things Every Graduate Needs

These graduates both young and old share a common thread. Great aspirations for their future. Met with fear and anxiety.  The stark realization of the next steps dilemma has begun.

All the recruiters, advisers, family and friends will share what your next steps should be. As someone who just went through graduation, albeit a little unconventionally, I have some tips to share.

You have your whole life ahead of you. Jumping in head first is not always a great idea (and you likely will get a headache).

Once all the fanfare pomp and circumstance dies down here are a few things every graduate will need.

1. Community

Pretty sure you did not get this far in your education by yourself. Whether it be family, friends or even an online community. People and relationships matter. They were the source of encouragement during your struggle through school. These same people will likely be how you find a job afterwards. Saving names and remembering places (people work at) will take you far. It is a lot easier to skip the pile of resumes on someone’s desk.

2. Time

Time is a valuable asset when used wisely. We all have 24 hours in a day that we are given, how we use it makes all the difference. If you are a morning person, get up early. Chase that elusive worm. By doing the things that others won’t, you will be able to enjoy the things others want. A little extra hustle after your dream matters. Whether it is early in the morning, late at night or the middle of the afternoon over coffee. Only you can chase your dreams and build them the way you want them to be.

3. Spend wisely

When you get out of college there is a sense of freedom. Although you may still have student loans the burden of buying books is over. Rather than spending what little money you have on frivolous things, invest in your future. Just because you have your diploma or degree, those that win continue to learn. Buy books, read blogs, watch webinars and take classes that will improve your skill-set. There is so much that school never taught that you can learn from others. A little investment in a good career book can go a long way to molding your future. (Two books I recommend you start with first would be The Art of Work by Jeff Goins and Do Over by Jon Acuff to start out with)

4. Service

Remember when you did community service back in high school to fluff your resume? Maybe you worked at a soup kitchen in college to get the free meals. Either way, now that you are out on your own it is a good time to give back. By giving back you also start to make connections that matter which in turn can build that community mentioned earlier. Find a good charity or even your own neighborhood and start to serve others. It will get you out of the house and off the couch from watching those silly soap operas you are used to watching. It will also build a servant heart within you that you can use for years and years to come.

5. Gratitude

This goes beyond thanking people for the gift cards, support and generous graduation checks. Learning to live a life of gratitude and obedience will serve you well. As you start or restart your career, the humbleness of gratitude will pay dividends. A person with a heart that is thankful for every moment and blessing will be invaluable to those that are hiring.

So go out there and save your money (use your gift cards instead), serve others graciously and thankfully build your community.

Do you have any advice for recent graduates that you would like to share, or just comments on your own experiences? Would love to hear from you below.



About Charles Johnston

Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

4 Replies

  1. Take your time with finding out what you want to do. I knew what I wanted to do then when that career was over I had no clue!!

    My daughter has told me over the last few days of many recent graduates with FULL scholarships have quit school or just got kicked out! I was just shocked! What a blown opportunity. I hope they get their life on track.


    1. That is so true.. many rush to meet others expectations and end up getting bored, sidetracked or unfulfilled. .thanks Steve!

  2. I wrote the following as a church bulletin insert for the current high school graduates of our parish. Go to Blog #159 at or copy and paste onto your browser

    1. Thanks for sharing your insight and post. Normally self promotion is removed but your post has some value. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.