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Are You Really Crushing It?

crushing itIf you are like me you are pretty competitive. Okay maybe really competitive at times. That’s a good thing right?

Like many people I am trying to get a few things done. Since I sit at a desk in a cubicle for my day job. I bought a FitBit Surge to improve my health. Replacing the FitBit Flex I had been using so I could better track my 10,000 steps. Crushing it right.. wrong! I am in a Facebook group where some people treat the 10,000 steps as a starting point.

I set a blogging goal for myself, even committed to my readers (you can see here). Although I control my own destiny I failed. Instead of blogging three times a week, I currently average about two a week, that’s not crushing it. Sure my stats have improved with my consistency. Compared to other bloggers it is just a drop on the edge of the bucket. See not even enough to make a ripple.. so not yet crushing it.

Then there is school, yes I am in my eh hem forties and in school. Finishing what many of my friends and colleagues did a long time ago. I will graduate this May (God willing). Did I crush it? .. nope.

I mean sure I have been on the dean’s list and president’s list every term since I went back. Sure I will finally have my degree after many years of blood sweat and a lot of tears. I struggled. I battled demons of being a failure and not measuring up along the way. But in no way shape or form was I crushing it.

You see we all set high expectations for ourselves. We talk a good game and try our best to win. As with much of life there always will be someone else that does better. But you see that is okay. Without competition we would not work as hard. If everything was easy we would not learn humility. If everyone was crushing it, why would we compete?

I accept my 10,000 steps, my infrequent blog posts, and my grades as a badge of honor. I walk more than I would without my goals. I write more than I did a year ago. And I am about to graduate with a degree I started over twenty years ago.. so yeah I guess I am crushing it.. are you?

I would love to hear how you are crushing it this year as well. Comment below in what ways you are crushing it as well as areas that you might need eh hem some help. Are you crushing it?

About Charles Johnston

Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

6 Replies

  1. I’m crushing it with my FB group.

    I’m crushing it with my consistent blog posts.

    I’m failing at my podcast. I said I’d launch in March and the days are rapidly passing by.

    This side hustle stuff is work!!!

    Great post!!

    1. You are definitely crushing it Steve , your blogging and leading continues to impress. I would not say you are failing at your podcast it just is off to a slower start than anticipated. You are starting that it what matters… keep crushing it brother!

  2. I was crushing it with weekly blog posts, until today.
    I AM crushing it with a 40 day prayer challenge for Lent. It has been a transforming experience for me as well as the others involved.
    Steps?? Yeah, we won’t talk about that.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Always look forward to your posts Rick, and the 40 days has been an experience for me as well. I had just finished Circle Maker when you started it so the timing was awesome. Keep inspiring and crushing it !

  3. I would say I’m also crushing it with blog consistency. Working out is my challenge.

    1. I would agree your consistency is great, not to mention the story. I feel ya on the workout that can be a ongoing battle for sure!