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Baltimore Riots: Streets on Fire, We are the Water

Normally I would not write about events like what is happening with the Baltimore riots.

Then again nothing is really normal when you see your nation crumble. It has become a common call out to the National Guard. Just this week the request is being made in my own city.

I look back and wonder how things have gotten this bad.

Since when is looting and violence the answer in a once just world?

The media has done it’s best to make this a black on white phenomenon.  Yet when you look close it really never was.  Sure there are black lives that have been lost. Yes those lives do matter. But the enemy is not who it appears.mlk, baltimore riots

Business and homeowners no longer feel safe. Guns and ammo have flown off the shelves. All in preparation for the New World Order. Curfews imposed, surveillance increased.  America once stood as the home of the brave has been brought to her knees.

A country founded on faith and freedom has been silenced. Morals and values have stepped aside for debauchery and sin. Sex, drugs, violence and crime have become so common, they are no longer breaking news. We drive the nails into the cross as well as our own coffins as we turn a blind eye. Instead of standing up for what is right and good. Many would rather hide behind locked doors in their own neighborhoods.

Whether it’s the Baltimore riots,  or Ferguson, or your own town. Evil has risen and leveraged itself against us. We cannot afford to silently stand by as our lives are taken before us. Black, white, yellow or purple the skin does not matter when it is brother against brother.

The right to protest to have your voice heard has passed. Your message has been silenced by all the violence. By destruction and mayhem you destroy all credibility. Angry or not this will not end well. It will only invoke more laws. You smear the memories of those lost in your own ignorance.

It is time for real leadership to take charge.

Fathers, uncles brothers it is your time to shine. Shape the generation that is destroying your nation. The time is now for spiritual warriors to stand up. Take up your armor and do what is right.

Rather than behaving like typical Christians all high and mighty with our hands clean and talking about how these thugs ought to be acting. It is time we put ourselves in their midst and get dirty. Jesus walked among the least of these. His disciples were some of the lowliest of people. We too need to serve as examples and become the disciples we were called to be.

We as community need to get back to our Biblical principles.

Stopping the hate, the anger and blindness. No longer relying on the media, or our government to tell us the truth. By joining hands with everyone, we can become more than our fears. As a family we can help each other heal through love. This goes for every city across this great nation. Baltimore needs you, Chicago needs you, your town needs you.

Here are some links and clips the media may not want you to see

Gang members: We did not make truce to harm cops

Baltimore riots the media won’t show

What are your thoughts on how we can take our country back. Not only with the Baltimore riots, but the country as a whole. Love to hear your thoughts.

About Charles Johnston

Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

6 Replies

  1. Candace Crosby

    Another excellent article, that I hope is read and re-read. Loved the excerpt from Martin Luther King posted in the beginning of the article. It is not a race riot, but the internal anger that is rioting.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Sharing is caring help spread the word. Prayers over violence.

  2. Beautiful Post. thank you so much for sharing what is really happening here Much love! The Media left out that the children were not allowed to get on the buses to get home, The parents were Home waiting for their children to arrive, the Busses had been shut down .

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, it is frustrating to see the media be so fast to instill fear rather than share the truth. It is time that we push back and demand transparency and truth.

  3. I love seeing that the clergy was leading some of the peaceful protests in Boston. 100s of them arm in arm, setting aside theological differences just like the rival gangs were setting aside their colors. Part of me wishes that we would see more laypeople from the church doing the same thing – stepping out and leading – not with any ulterior motives but just to do what God commanded us – to LOVE no matter who and no matter what.

    1. Well said Nic, if only more leaders both pastors and laypeople would stand up and defend our country we would not have the violence and hatred that currently consumes our cities.