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How About A Cup of Iron

A Man’s Journey in a Coffee Shop and a cup of Iron to share. Pull up a seat, let’s talk for a while. I‘ll buy you a cup of coffee and we can sit a spell. We all need to take a moment and pause, Everyone has a story inside us to tell. As men, we are not keen on sharing, We are not the ones to open up to each other. The weather, our jobs even what is on ESPN, Those are the things we talk about as men. It is not normal for men to talk about failure, Shortcomings are off the table, our ego intervenes. It is not manly or masculine to discuss these things, Let’s talk about nothing and go our separate ways. So how are things, you and the wife doing okay? Always one word answers like ‘fine’ or ‘yeah’, Deep down you want to talk about your troubles. Who would ever want to listen about your struggles, Instead you hide in your shame and everything is okay. We are not alone in the walk that we choose to take, Everyone falls and skins their knees or their pride. Just because we are men does not mean we are fake, You will always be alone until you open up and try. There is a code of silence a bro code of sorts. Nothing leaves this table except for two friends, No matter what is shared and the stories told. We are here for each other to help mend fences. Let […]

Ways to make a move to make a difference

We all have the ability to make a difference we just need to choose to move. No matter what your career or job may be that should not limit us from finding our passion.  Some people are lucky enough to love the job that they do, the rest of us have to search elsewhere. Whatever your walk of life, whether you work in an office, a school, construction it does not matter.  We all have skills, better yet gifts that we can use in our life to make our world a little bit better.  Whether you mentor a child, feed the homeless or spend time with the elderly there are many ways that we can give ourselves to better another’s day. A good example is the way I and many other volunteers spent this past weekend.  We came from all walks of life, all ages and skill-sets; all for one cause.  It did not matter if they worked at an IT company, a bank, the mortgage industry and many more.  Some were students earning credit, while others took a day off to help others were retirees wanting to give a helping hand.  We all joined forces and chose to move and  change the landscape of our city. Many people wonder why we do what we do, some may say what difference does it make.  I can personally say that yes there are some sore muscles and still a bit sleep deprivation but all worth the cost of saving lives one by one.  To see the […]

How to take a stand …Even with No Backbone

Our future generation depends upon us to correct their paths and stand up for them. Ever walk into the grocery store and have to dodge the kids skateboarding on the sidewalks at lunchtime when they should be in school.  Does the addiction to cell phones and other technology make you feel there is an insurmountable chasm between you and either your own kids or those of your church or community. How about when you drive down the street and every guy walking on the street are grabbing themselves, and have their hands in their pants like Al Bundy.  I am pretty sure I am not the only one that want to tell them to pull their pants up and use a belt. The other option would be to pants them and maybe teach them a lesson, either way making it clear that it is not right or polite to publicly show their drawers. Stay strong. Stand up. Have a voice. – Shawn Johnson Click To Tweet When is the last time you witnessed a male under the age of say 25 or even 30 that still opens the door for women other than their mother or wife, or better yet even them.  Since when is it okay to sleep all day, live at their parent’s house until they are in their forties.  It has become a rare occurrence to hear “yes ma’am” or “no sir” to the point that we take notice of good manners when bad manners used to stand out and draw attention.